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tom r lopes

Sep 26, 2021, 7:51:00 PM9/26/21
to BerkeleyLUG
So today and at last Pi meeting I played and showed my pine phone. 

I have the $150 version originally coming with postmarketOS. 

I want to temper my review a bit. 
If $200 is play around money for you then it is very nice. 
But if that is an investment for you then maybe it's not a good idea. 

So something's I noticed. The screen is not readable in direct sunlight. Or at least very hard to read. 
The audio device defaults to the wrong output. So initially the phonecalls won't work right. Also there is no face detection so making a call ends up opening a bunch of extra apps

Nice things are the ui are coming along very well. Phosh is looking nice. 

Let me play around with it some more and I can give a better review. 


Michael Paoli

Sep 27, 2021, 8:14:15 PM9/27/21
to BerkeleyLUG
Sounds cool!

Alas, I was hoping to make it to the meeting, and had yet another item
land on my calendar ... was hoping to at least virtually make it for
early part of meeting ... then got busy with yet more stuff and forgot
until it was too late. Looks like I'll be quite busy next weekend
too, but things should back to "normal" (whatever that is) by
the following weekend (2nd weekend in October).

Oh, also, as I mentioned at 2021-09-19 meeting,
Cafe Blue Door is open again ... so, I think too, per our discussion
on 2021-09-19 we can probably resume meetings at Cafe Blue Door
2021-10-10 ... and continuing also with virtual. Cafe Blue Door
does, however, have negligible outdoor seating ... but that may also
be considered a feature as we continue heading into Fall ...
wet and/or cold outside may make inside much preferable to outside.
At least we can hope we'll get rain.

tom r lopes

Oct 2, 2021, 6:36:28 PM10/2/21
to Michael Paoli, BerkeleyLUG
I don't have the feeling that people want to go back to indoor meetings.  
So I will be at Strada again next meeting Oct 10.  

But I intend to try out Blue Door tomorrow -- you are welcome to join me.  I will be 
attending the virtual SF-LUG from Blue Door 11 am till ?  
So I will have a report about the venue for the next Berkeley LUG.  
Alan and I did go down to Blue door after last meeting and It seemed 
fine -- but I didn't test wifi!  The menu is reduced (no sandwiches) from 
what appears as lack of staffing.  


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Michael Paoli

Oct 3, 2021, 12:57:07 AM10/3/21
to BerkeleyLUG, tom r lopes
As long as the weather remains reasonable for outdoors, I'm fine with
either. I think though, once the weather starts to turn on us,
we'll probably want to move it ... and probably not be flitting
back-and-forth on account of weather and changeability thereof.
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