Update to the Bay Area-wide Order to Shelter At Home, possibly affects live BerkeleyLUG meetups for May

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Apr 27, 2020, 4:47:35 PM4/27/20
to BerkeleyLUG
Hey all,

Directly quoting the top part of this morning's City of Berkeley press-release 'SEVEN BAY AREA HEALTH OFFICERS WILL EXTEND SHELTER-IN-PLACE ORDERS' https://www.cityofberkeley.info/City_Manager/Press_Releases/2020/2020-04-27_Seven_Bay_Area_Health_Officers_will_extend_shelter-in-place_orders.aspx :
Berkeley, California (Monday, April 27, 2020) - The Public Health Officers of the Counties of Alameda,
Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara as well as the City of Berkeley will
later this week issue revised shelter-in-place orders that largely keep the current restrictions in place and
extend them through May.
The new order will include limited easing of specific restrictions for a small number of lower-risk
activities. The shelter-in-place orders in effect across the seven separate jurisdictions are set to expire
on May 3, 2020.
Unsure if that new order which has "limited easing of specific restrictions for a small number of lower-risk activities" would include or exclude cafes and restaurants such as Cafe Blue Door?
If the "easing of specific restrictions" can apply for Cafe Blue Door, then maybe BerkeleyLUG *could* have a live meetup sometime in May(?)
OTOH, wouldn't myself promote that BerkeleyLUG *should* be able to have live meetups in May -- one reason that comes to mind is that the social/physical distancing most probably *required* at most live venues for the [short-term] future makes it much more difficult to host groups of more than maybe a half-dozen and to Keep All Group Participants Together!   

In any case, we'll all have to wait until later this week to view more details of the revised shelter-in-place orders.

Hope that everyone stays safe +and+ at home :}


tom r lopes

Apr 28, 2020, 12:09:48 AM4/28/20
to berke...@googlegroups.com
Well then you can attend the virtual Berkeley Pi/Linux meeting.  

Sunday May 3 noon to whenever.  Probably at https://meet.jit.si/berkeleypi 
but if someone jacks the room before I get there then I will have to use a 
different room.  

It is not necessary to have a camera or microphone.  Actually you don't even 
need a computer.  (You can access via a phone call)  But using a computer 
you just navigate to the site in a browser.  Then the browser will prompt for 
permission to access camera and microphone.  I tested in google-chrome 
and firefox.  

My possible projects:  

Flash bios chip externally via a Raspberry Pi.  (I bought a broken laptop that supposedly 
just stopped working for no reason.  But turns out the bios chip is missing.  Someone 
actually desoldered it!!???) 

Build my own router project.  Use a Samsung Chromebook that has been flashed with 
UEFI firmware.  Hardware modification to add extra ethernet ports then install minimal 
Debian and configure as a router.  

Figure out how to use the efibootmgr command to manually create boot entry.  Specifically 
I want to boot an efistub kernel directly from the UEFI firmware without grub or any other 
boot loader,  

Make a Raspberry Pi into a home automation server with integration to Google Home and/or 


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tom r lopes

Apr 28, 2020, 12:23:27 AM4/28/20
to berke...@googlegroups.com, tom reno robinson
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