Pi.BerkeleyLUG: Next meeting this Sunday 17.04.2022 ( Yeah it's Easter)

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tom r lopes

Apr 15, 2022, 11:25:40 PMApr 15
to BerkeleyLUG
As usual: In person meeting at Cafe Blue Door from 11 am til about 2pm.  

And online at meet.jit.si/Pi.BerkeleyLUG  

I will be trying to do native USB boot on the Pi4.  This is possible now with the latest 
firmware.  I will have to boot from SD card first to install the firmware then should be good to go.  

Then If there is time I would like to try out things with other filesystems.  
I heard Michael give a talk at a BALUG about LVM and would like to try.  Also maybe BTRFS 
or ZFS.  I have been just using EXT4 and sometimes XFS on my systems, but I should try 
to learn something new.  

All are welcome and you don't need to have a raspberry pi even.  


--P.S. Last week I went to the Electronics Swap Meet put on the by the Bay Area Ham Radio.  
It is now at the Sunnyvale library as Fry's went caput.  The expectation was that there would be a 
lot of stuff for sale because of the event on hiatus.  But I found it a bit underwhelming.  Maybe I arrived too late.  Photos

Also The model rocketry idea is kind of a bust (for now)  Michael mentioned that he thought it was illegal in Berkeley.  And yeah, I found after some research that CA law requires approval of the local fire chief and of the landowner (usually you would launch at a park so that would be the local 
parks commission)  The issue is basically fire danger, which makes sense as it is like lighting 
fireworks.  So pretty much you have to launch as part of a club.  In the bayarea it is LUNAR  (Livermore Unit of the National Association of Rocketry)  Lunar used to launch at Moffett Field and in Livermore, But now launches at Snow Ranch (near Stockton)  Fire risk is too great right now so the next launch is in December.

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