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Volume 201, Pages 1-256, 5 February 2018 Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science
Volume 201, Pages 1-256, 5 February 2018

Vectors of change in the marine environment
Edited by Melanie C. Austen, Tasman P. Crowe, Michael Elliott, David M. Paterson, Myron A. Peck and Stefano Piraino

Editorial Board   
Page ii
VECTORS of change in the marine environment: Ecosystem and economic impacts and management implications   
Pages 1-6
M.C. Austen, T.P. Crowe, M. Elliott, D.M. Paterson, M.A. Peck, S. Piraino
East is east and West is west? Management of marine bioinvasions in the Mediterranean Sea    Original Research Article
Pages 7-16
Bella S. Galil, Agnese Marchini, Anna Occhipinti-Ambrogi

Graphical abstract

Assessing biological invasions in European Seas: Biological traits of the most widespread non-indigenous species    Original Research Article
Pages 17-28
Alice Cardeccia, Agnese Marchini, Anna Occhipinti-Ambrogi, Bella Galil, Stephan Gollasch, Dan Minchin, Aleksas Narščius, Sergej Olenin, Henn Ojaveer

Graphical abstract

Reproductive and bloom patterns of Pelagia noctiluca in the Strait of Messina, Italy    Original Research Article
Pages 29-39
G. Milisenda, A. Martinez-Quintana, V.L. Fuentes, M. Bosch-Belmar, G. Aglieri, F. Boero, S. Piraino

Graphical abstract

Projecting changes in the distribution and productivity of living marine resources: A critical review of the suite of modelling approaches used in the large European project VECTORS    Original Research Article
Pages 40-55
Myron A. Peck, Christos Arvanitidis, Momme Butenschön, Donata Melaku Canu, Eva Chatzinikolaou, Andrea Cucco, Paolo Domenici, Jose A. Fernandes, Loic Gasche, Klaus B. Huebert, Marc Hufnagl, Miranda C. Jones, Alexander Kempf, Friedemann Keyl, Marie Maar, Stéphanie Mahévas, Paul Marchal, Delphine Nicolas, John K. Pinnegar, Etienne Rivot, et al.
Physiology-based modelling approaches to characterize fish habitat suitability: Their usefulness and limitations    Original Research Article
Pages 56-63
Lorna R. Teal, Stefano Marras, Myron A. Peck, Paolo Domenici
Temperature-dependent settlement of planula larvae of two scyphozoan jellyfish from the North Sea    Original Research Article
Pages 64-71
Maria Gambill, Sadie L. McNaughton, Markus Kreus, Myron A. Peck
What is left? Macrophyte meadows and Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) spawning sites in the Greifswalder Bodden, Baltic Sea    Original Research Article
Pages 72-81
Philipp Kanstinger, Jutta Beher, Görres Grenzdörffer, Cornelius Hammer, Klaus B. Huebert, Daniel Stepputis, Myron A. Peck
Behavioral and physiological responses to prey match-mismatch in larval herring    Original Research Article
Pages 82-94
Björn Illing, Marta Moyano, Julia Berg, Marc Hufnagl, Myron A. Peck
Using a spatially structured life cycle model to assess the influence of multiple stressors on an exploited coastal-nursery-dependent population    Original Research Article
Pages 95-104
B. Archambault, E. Rivot, M. Savina, O. Le Pape
Integration of fisheries into marine spatial planning: Quo vadis?    Original Research Article
Pages 105-113
Holger Janßen, Francois Bastardie, Margit Eero, Katell G. Hamon, Hans-Harald Hinrichsen, Paul Marchal, J. Rasmus Nielsen, Olivier Le Pape, Torsten Schulze, Sarah Simons, Lorna R. Teal, Alex Tidd
The role of wave-exposure and human impacts in regulating the distribution of alternative habitats on NW Mediterranean rocky reefs    Original Research Article
Pages 114-122
Fabio Bulleri, Andrea Cucco, Martina Dal Bello, Elena Maggi, Chiara Ravaglioli, Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi
Assessing the impact of the Asian mussel Arcuatula senhousia in the recently invaded Oristano Lagoon-Gulf system (W Sardinia, Italy)    Original Research Article
Pages 123-131
S. Como, A. Floris, A. Pais, P. Rumolo, S. Saba, M. Sprovieri, P. Magni
Introduction of a functionally novel consumer to a low diversity system: Effects of the mud crab Rhithropanopeus harrisii on meiobenthos    Original Research Article
Pages 132-139
Külli Lokko, Jonne Kotta, Helen Orav-Kotta, Kristiina Nurkse, Merli Pärnoja
The role of interdisciplinary collaboration for stated preference methods to value marine environmental goods and ecosystem services    Original Research Article
Pages 140-151
Tobias Börger, Anne Böhnke-Henrichs, Caroline Hattam, Joanna Piwowarczyk, Femke Schasfoort, Melanie C. Austen
Economic impacts of marine ecological change: Review and recent contributions of the VECTORS project on European marine waters    Original Research Article
Pages 152-163
Rolf A. Groeneveld, Heleen Bartelings, Tobias Börger, Francesco Bosello, Erik Buisman, Elisa Delpiazzo, Fabio Eboli, Jose A. Fernandes, Katell G. Hamon, Caroline Hattam, Maria Loureiro, Paulo A.L.D. Nunes, Joanna Piwowarczyk, Femke E. Schasfoort, Sarah L. Simons, Adam N. Walker
Defining scenarios of future vectors of change in marine life and associated economic sectors    Original Research Article
Pages 164-171
Rolf A. Groeneveld, Francesco Bosello, Momme Butenschön, Mike Elliott, Myron A. Peck, John K. Pinnegar
Projections of change in key ecosystem indicators for planning and management of marine protected areas: An example study for European seas    Original Research Article
Pages 172-184
Susan Kay, Momme Butenschön

Graphical abstract

Bioaccumulation of metals (Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn) in suspended cultures of blue mussels exposed to different environmental conditions    Original Research Article
Pages 185-197
Marie Maar, Martin Mørk Larsen, Ditte Tørring, Jens Kjerulf Petersen
Systems approach modelling of the interactive effects of fisheries, jellyfish and tourism in the Catalan coast    Original Research Article
Pages 198-207
Benjamin Tomlinson, Francesc Maynou, Ana Sabatés, Verónica Fuentes, Antonio Canepa, Sergio Sastre

Graphical abstract

Identification of the main processes underlying ecosystem functioning in the Eastern English Channel, with a focus on flatfish species, as revealed through the application of the Atlantis end-to-end model    Original Research Article
Pages 208-222
Raphaël Girardin, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Sigrid Lehuta, Marie Rolland, Olivier Thébaud, Morgane Travers-Trolet, Youen Vermard, Paul Marchal
A knowledge platform to inform on the effects of trawling on benthic communities    Original Research Article
Pages 223-233
Alba Muntadas, Michel Lample, Montserrat Demestre, Johanna Ballé-Béganton, Silvia de Juan, Francesc Maynou, Denis Bailly

Graphical abstract

Integrating natural and social sciences to manage sustainably vectors of change in the marine environment: Dogger Bank transnational case study    Original Research Article
Pages 234-247
Daryl Burdon, Suzanne J. Boyes, Michael Elliott, Katie Smyth, Jonathan P. Atkins, Richard A. Barnes, Rüdiger K. Wurzel
How to approach ballast water management in European seas    Original Research Article
Pages 248-255
Matej David, Stephan Gollasch

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