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Jan 2, 2013, 12:17:08 AM1/2/13
A schedule is nice, and we would like to always provide one, but unfortunately that's not always possible.  When the basketball coach asked us to play, it was with no notice.  We threw it out to see if we would have a quorum.  We did have enough takers, so we ran with it.

Also, the posted basketball schedule has not been completely accurate, so we have been caught off-guard.  The turn out for our rehearsals has been light, and that's when we've had discussions of what gigs we're planning on playing.  We have tried to decide what gigs we'd play, and then get the word out as best we can.  We don't always receive any replies.

The games Benson has played so far have been mostly out of league, so we did not plan on playing them until the coach asked us to.  Then, with a  gap between gigs, we did try to fill the gap by playing the girls game.  That backfired.  The posted starting time was not correct, so we got to the game very near the end of the game. 

What we did decide at the rehearsals we've had, and discussed it again at a BOD meeting...Our rehearsal days will be each Wednesday at 7:30.  When Benson has a home game any given week, we will play the game instead of the Wednesday rehearsal. 

Since we're freshly out of the holidays, I see no reason to have a rehearsal on January 2nd.  The following week, Tuba Mike is out of town.  There is a home game that week on the 11th, so unless we have another Tuba to play with us, I'd rather not play the game.  That would be a good week to resume rehearsal on Wednesday, but only if we know we'll have enough folks to rehearse. 

I'm very aware this is a 100% volunteer effort, and I know peoples schedules are full.  Our little band is small, and missing players can prevent us from playing gigs, or even rehearsing.  I am trying to make it work the best we can.

Hope you had a great Holiday Season!


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Hi guys,
Could we get the schedule for the next few months? I can't really do last minute things, because of childcare.

Josh Piper

Jan 4, 2013, 11:54:51 AM1/4/13
Hi Wayne.  Sorry, my kids have been sick, so I've been a bit disconnected.  I think everything you've said here is spot on.  Unfortunately, I can't make rehearsal on Wed 1/9 or 1/16 due to school events.  I think my Tuesdays are free this month, though.

Is a better source for the schedule?
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