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Art Viloria

Apr 22, 2021, 3:27:25 PM4/22/21
to Benson Alumni Band
Hello, I have a couple of questions for the group in general.
What's the status of this group? Is this happening? What type of music do you see/hear during sporting events? 

I'm not an alumni, but I currently work as a Paraeducator in the SES program.  My musical background and experience is pretty extensive and I am an actively working musician. 
I'm trying to see if there is any interest and talent to get this off the ground.  
I think this would be great for the school that excels at CTE - and doesn't have a music program!!!  

Looking forward to reading any responses. 


Apr 22, 2021, 5:09:18 PM4/22/21
to benson-al...@googlegroups.com

The Benson Alumni Pep Band was quite active for a couple of years.  Having no music program at Benson, and the folks in charge of the athletic program not seeming to have an interest or understanding in music or the usefulness of a pep band,  the band felt increasingly less welcome at events.    It became time for the Alumni Pep Band to just go away.  And the band was actually quite good. 

There were also political overtones to the Alumni Band's existence.  The last band teacher at Benson lost his job when the music program was eliminated at Benson.  For me to step in and create a pep band  was not necessarily appreciated by other professional music department employees of the school district.  These are people I know personally.

I have played in and directed adult bands over many years, so I relied upon my library of "fun" charts, old rock n roll, traditional pep band charts, recognizable Americana charts, etc. 

Wayne De Vore
Benson Tech Alumni Pep Band

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