SKT3 Edition Name, 72 Angels & Tarot Correspondences, & 2021 StaarCon

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Nov 23, 2020, 6:11:52 PM11/23/20
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Hello! Just some updates, news, and a free reference download in case you’re interested. =) Read on.

SKT III: The Revelation Edition

As of this newsletter date, I’m finishing up on the Sevens for the full-color third edition of Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, which will be called the Revelation.

Yes, it’s in small part a reference to the 22 chapters of the Biblical Book of Revelation, which Eliphas Levi named as one of three sacred books that reveals the Mysteries. The Book of Revelation was the Fixed book of the three. (The first, or the Cardinal of the three, is the Book of Ezekiel, about the prophet Ezekiel’s 22-year exile in Babylon, and the third, the Mutable book of the three, Levi left up to the reader to figure out.)

On a rather cursory and for a superficial reason, SKT #3 is the Revelation edition simply because of the revealing of color, and how in the imagery of many cards, there’s a “revealing” of more details happening, such as The Hermit card, where the cloak from the Vitruvian edition gets figuratively lifted and now the full form of The Erudite (Hermit) is revealed.

Or how the single face of The Angel (Temperance) is revealed in its truer binary form. The four archangels from the empyrean realms now manifest here on earth, in the context of human civilizations. Same with the four Shining Ones and four Strongholds, where the active elementals reveal themselves among us, with our faces, wearing our clothes. The angels have descended and materialized on Earth.

In many of the Minor Arcana cards, what had been blocked or abstract decorative background now reveals a fully formed world and landscape scene.

Following Thomas Aquinas’ concept of general revelation, the study of history, the evolution of civilizations, cultures, and natures will reveal Divine Truths, and so this third edition of SKT focuses less on the abstract and a lot more on the concretized forms of ideas, especially how different and disparate cultures interpret the same core universal concepts.

The other form of revelation that I wanted to render more pronounced in this third edition is interaction with specific names and humanized faces of Divinity. I also want to express the concept of divine revelation itself and what is even the purpose of calling something a divine revelation.  

That’s what I’m exploring through the art in this third edition.

And yes, the humor of it being called Revelation, aka Apokalypsis, aka The Apocalypse, and it’s happening in 2020 is not lost on me. =)

Reference Tables on Tarot and the 72 Angel Names

No idea if this is even something you’re interested in, but if you think having this reference handout archived in your personal digital library might come in handy someday, well here it is.

Here are the tarot correspondences for the 72 Shemhamphoras (Shem) angels inhabiting the ten sephiroth and for the Aces through Nines (9) of the Minor Arcana. This is not my original work (like, at all, none of it). This is research consolidated from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Israel Regardie, Stephen Skinner, Robert Ambelain, and Christine Payne-Towler. All I did was reconcile and synthesize what was otherwise a mountain of dense and obscure information into a digestible 25-page quick reference handout.



Order Your 2021 Metaphysician’s Day Planner & Guidebook

If you haven’t ordered a 2021 day planner yet, consider the Metaphysician’s Day Planner. It comes with a guidebook. =)

Link here: 

The question I get asked the most is how do I manage my time so that I can do all that I want to do. The answer has been the same since high school: my own day planner. The Metaphysician’s Day Planner shows you how I organize my life, work through my priorities, and weave ritual magic into the mundane. 

Even though most people have gone digital with their organizers, I still work from a physical day planner and carry my day planner with me everywhere. I write out my schedule and plans by hand in this consolidated spiral-bound space. And I approach my daily planning the way I would approach my grimoire. 

I always keep my day planner open to the page spread corresponding to that given week. Always. And it’s somewhere within reach. At work, it’s open to that page spread off to the side of my office desk. At home, it’s open on my home office desk. Even when I travel, it’s open to that page spread on the hotel table. 

Having the Sacred Seven ephemeris tables is also useful for day to day forecasting. I can open to the month-at-a-glance section and see exactly which signs the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be that day, tomorrow, next week, in two weeks, next month. I can flip back to the front pages to compare that to my solar returns chart and my own birth chart. 

There’s something about having quick access, in physical print, to metaphysical correspondence tables wherever I am, everywhere I go that helps me to retain that knowledge and to apply that otherwise “esoteric” knowledge in very practical ways. 

Even if I didn’t sell these day planners to you, I would still be making one, exactly this one, privately for myself year to year. I’ve just decided to share what I make for myself with you, in the hopes that it might be of use to you in the ways it’s been useful to me. 

StaarCon 2021: A Virtual Conference in January

Two years ago the founders of an envisioned StaarCon reached out to me about headlining for a conference in Florida. I was happy to be part of the roster of such an incredible undertaking. Now, two years later, and as a result of Covid, it’s going to be a virtual conference in January of 2021. I hope you’ll join in!

I’ll be giving two presentations. Here are the descriptions for the two lectures:

Shamanism and the Tarot

This is a study of how shamanism has been practiced throughout history and by various world cultures, though first, we’ll draw the distinction between a shaman and having a shamanistic experience. We’ll then discuss application of core concepts by the modern-day tarot reader. I’ll share my perspective on using a tarot deck to detect spirit presence in a room and what that means in more rationalist, psychology-based terms. We’ll also explore methods for channeling a spirit with the tarot as our tool.

Exorcisms, Demonology, and Their Relevance in Contemporary Times

I’ll be sharing my personal life story and why I’m deeply invested in these topics. We’ll explore the theoretics of exorcisms and find the universal common denominator of exorcism rituals by examining practices from different cultures and religions around the world. We’ll talk about pre-Christian concepts of daimons and demonology from Egyptian mythos, Taoist mysticism, and where these seemingly disparate Mysteries intersect. Most importantly, we’ll consider the peculiar relevance of understanding demonology in today’s world and why more than ever, spiritualists of the 21st century can better serve their world through deepened knowledge of exorcistic practices and demonology. 


If you’d like to learn more and reserve your slot, go here:

And for the U.S. friends, Happy Thanksgiving! =)


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