How To Overcome Bollywood and Bhangra Dancing Stagefright

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dianna schneider

May 12, 2009, 6:40:23 AM5/12/09
to Bellydance

One of the most common fears in the dancing industry is stage fright.
I believe it is natural for a dancer to feel nervous right before
performing. Oftentimes, this nervousness can hurt a dancer's
performance. As we become seasoned performers, we learn how to use
this nervousness to our advantage.
This tension comes from the adrenaline that naturally will release
into the body. It is hard to feel calm once this happens! This will
happen when a person embarks on a venture that requires a great deal
of courage. Dancing can be downright scary at times.
One way to better perform is to have performed enough just
naturally feel comfortable! This unfortunately isn't an option for
less experienced dancers. But there are a few things a dancer can do
to lessen this tension and to use it towards the performance ahead.
BE READY - Never go on a stage without practicing the piece numerous
times. Being physically warmed up will assure a better performance and
that should ease a little tension right there.
BE FOCUSED - Don't let a chatty friend take all your crucial last
moments before a performance! Try to center yourself and stay in a
very focused state of mind. Try to use whatever mood you're feeling
that day towards your performance. Any energy is good energy. This is
the difference between a good dancer and a phenomenal performer.
BE POSITIVE - Backstage nervousness is also a twist of anticipation
and excitement. Remember these other factors and keep your mindset
positive. Anticipate your best performance yet, and enjoy the
excitement of your finally getting to perform this piece after all the
hard work you've done! Enjoy instead of dread it! Be pro-active!
A dancer without jitters is a bird without wings. Use this energy
towards your movement and know that it is normal. Most of all, enjoy
your performances.
I also teach people how to be more confident in their dances. You can
find out more in this program.
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