Dancing on Daddy's Feet

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dianna schneider

Sep 22, 2008, 6:54:55 AM9/22/08
to Bellydance

I danced in the morning when the world was begun I danced in the Moon
& the Stars & the Sun I came down from Heaven & I danced
on Earth At Bethlehem I had my birth:
Dance then, wherever you may be I am the Lord of the Dance, said He!
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be And I'll lead you all in
the Dance, said He! (...lead you all in the Dance, said He!) Lord of
the Dance Lyrics by Sydney Carter Traditional 19th C. Shaker Tune
Before I knew how to dance, I danced on Daddy's feet. His feet moving
under my little ones, his skill and rhythm moved me easily around the
room and all I needed to do was hold his hands. I've never danced as
well, as unselfconscious or with as little effort as I did in those
Our heavenly Father offers us much the same experience, but on an
eternal scale. Dancing on His feet means...
When you're tired, your legs aching from trying to keep up with the
complicated steps of this dance of life, take off your shoes and step
up on Daddy's feet. You were never meant to do it all alone. After
all, the dance is His and no one can do it any better.
As you grow and mature in strength through time in the Word and
continual fellowship with your heavenly Father, occasionally you will
step off His feet and, locking your focus on Him, He will talk you
through the complex steps. But you will never outgrow the need for
that sweet time of rest that follows, when you step back onto His
feet, into His space and flow with Him as He dances the dance He
created before the world began.
Dancing on Daddy's feet means that you never lose the sense that you
belong to Him, that you are cherished as His own precious daughter,
that He is never "too busy" to whirl you around to the music he has
composed just for you to dance to.
Why is it then that so many of us still struggle with the
choreography? Why are so many of us too tired to continue, too
discouraged, too spent? If that sounds familiar, see if any of the
following applies to you.
* Perhaps you are trying to master the dance instead of dancing with
the Master.
* When it comes time to step off Daddy's feet and dance on your own
two feet, are you neglecting to keep your eyes on Him; have you lost
your focus?
* Or have you made the all too common mistake of forgetting that the
dance is not yours; it is His and He alone can orchestrate it.
It's true that we all must dance, but it is His pattern, His footsteps
that we are meant to dance in. And when we forget and our smaller legs
are tired and we feel very much like little girls, overwhelmed with
the complexities of the dance, all we need do is climb back on Daddy's
feet, and looking into His eyes and soaking up the love, hang on tight
as He whirls us around to the music that is our own special song.
Dance then, wherever you may be I am the Lord of the Dance, said He!
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be And I'll lead you all in
the Dance, said He!
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