States, density operators and some symmetry

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Bryan Sanctuary

Jun 1, 2022, 4:32:21 PM6/1/22
to Bell inequalities and quantum foundations
Hi All

Although Richard and Jan-Ake have not referred to any equations, they have stated my use of states is wrong, ill conceived, and somehow contrived. Richard asked about the meaning of terms like |+><+|, |+><-| which he said he does not understand..  

I attach a brute force and detailed derivation of my expressions in the attached.  If there are any objections to my equations and calculations, then you are objecting to standard spin theory used, for example by GHSZ.  Some do, but most do not.

Please see the attached.

I am happy to write out any equations, verify any definitions, and any places that I contradict myself.  My approach is compact but standard QM.  All I do is define an antisymmetric operator.

The general questions that have been raised are below and I would appreciate specific items that you would like clarified. 

1.  please tell me where my logic is wrong
2. please tell me where I contradict myself.
3. everything is defined or obvious, please list anything that is not defined.



Spin with hyper-helicity----phenomenological

Non-hermitian coherent spin---QFT of Dirac equation

Hyper-helicity and the foundations of qm--some consequences

state op details.pdf
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