The Weekly Email By Betsy 9-11-07

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betsy beijing

Sep 11, 2007, 11:39:54 AM9/11/07
hey frisbee dogs,

so many of you have been wondering where betsy has been.  others of you have not been wondering.  well, i thought it only fair that i come clean.  since the google group has been coopted by barbie and greg and turned into craig's list, betsy has formed her own more exclusive clique.  those of you lucky enough to be included have been getting the weekly email.  if you haven't been getting the weekly email, then i guess that makes it clear where we stand.  most likely you don't know anything about the big rave on friday night either.

but since jason has been kind enough to organize this hat tournament on saturday, i thought that i should send out an email letting everyone know about it.  otherwise we won't be able to pay for fields.  and betsy is all about letting other people subsidize her fun.  (by the way, thanks to beijing ultimate for paying for the rave on friday night).  here are the details:

WEDNESDAY-Pickup New Time and New Place (7:00-9:30@BCIS)

We have moved our pickup sessions to BCIS (Beijing City International School) for the rest of the year. Our old Thursday slot has already been booked so we are onto Wednesday nights now. It is indoor disc so bring running shoes....not cleats. See the files area for a map to the school. If you have any big troubles, give Jason a call at 13910506194.


September 15th mini-Hat Tournament

We will be playing host to our friends from Tianjin, Air Kazak and Hangtime for a full day of ultimate, music, food and beer. We will follow the high paced ultimate action with what will surely be a great party. Details are as follows....


Departure Time and Location: Dongzhimen at 9AM. Sorry for the early start....but it is a full day.

On the field: you will be divided into different teams and you will get 3 games.

Food and water: We have arranged for food, water and beer to be available on the field.

After the games: we will walk to a nearby shower hall to get prettied up.

Eating and drinking: we are in the process of sorting out a cheap and simple restaurant we can all go eat.

How much does it cost: we are doing our best to keep it cheap so it will be

Chinese students: 30-40rmb/person

everyone else: 60-80rmb/person


Things to bring.....

1) Towel and soap

2) A water bottle (a Nalgene or similar)

3) A cup (for beer). We will be trying to make this an environmentally lfriendly event).

4) A dark and a white shirt.


If you are planning to play please send Jason a quick text message at 139 1050 6194 or email him at

in other news:

a shout out to jason for organizing this hat tournament.

a call out to all the beijing people who played with shanghai and caused them to lose in the quarter finals in singapore.  how embarrassing for everyone involved.

a shout out to environmentally friendly events and bringing your own cups.  in fact, anyone who doesn't bring their own cup this saturday will have to wrestle ryan.

for other news and social items, as well as the latest gossip (lots of that, now that candice is back) please refer to the new, very exclusive, weekly email by betsy that will be arriving in (some of) your mailboxes shortly.


Sep 12, 2007, 4:44:57 AM9/12/07
to Beijing Ultimate
I just got word from Reid that he is shipping back some good molly
that he got at Burning Man for the rave. um tis um tis um tis um tis
um tis...

Ryan Perez

Sep 13, 2007, 11:09:27 AM9/13/07
Dear Craig's List,
Hey, This is Ryan and my school is looking for a teacher pronto.  I have several classes of kindergartners and first graders waiting to start classes and need a teacher to teach them.  It's in Wang Jing.  Experience teaching little kids would be helpful (I don't want to do it) and pay can be discussed.  If interested, or if you know someone who is, call me at
I'd prefer to go through someone I know instead of having to advertise on That's Beijing or something.

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