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betsy beijing

May 14, 2008, 2:25:41 AM5/14/08
to Beijing Ultimate
hey frisbee fanatics,

welcome to the new weekly email.  by reading this message, you have agreed to have your entire life be monitored by betsy and any of its contents are now free game for the email.  any and all lawsuits should be directed to matt flynn, at

WEEKLY ITEM #1:  The Weekly Schedule

Wednesday May 14, Pick Up, 8-10, at a magical field of rainbows and gummi bears from kelly's imagination.

call kelly at 5879 5656 for details.  or call char.  or check out the website.  or just look out for the flying unicorns.  this is going to be the most swell frisbee ever!!!

Saturday May 17, Big Brother Practice, 11.30-1.30.  Dulwich

Meet at DZM. 10.45.  DON'T BE LATE.  Saturday's practice is going to be a delicious blend of important strategy lessons and lung bursting fitness.  Don't Miss It.  Only Five Weeks To Shanghai!!!

Sunday May 18, Pick Up, sometime, probably at Happy Valley, which means we'll have a bus at DZM at some earlier time.  

Please bear with us as we transition to the summer season.  Certain people (who in the interest of modesty would like to remain nameless.  If you feel compelled to thank someone, just thank Betsy) are hard at work getting permanent fields for the summer season. Please support them by paying your dues and coming to frisbee as often as possible.  Also, bring friends, if you have any.  

There is also a new practice on the weekly schedule, as Chinatown is practicing on Mondays.  Contact Ken Su for details.  Did I mention that Ken Su is rich?  If you need a loan, he'll be happy to help you out.


lunch time poll:

Which of the following best summarizes our very fluid field situation:

a) things ran a lot more smoothly before char became a lush.

b) until frisbee moves to the field across the street from my apartment, i ain't coming.

c) i don't care where we play, i'm just looking for a boyfriend.

d) why don't we just play poletimate in gongti parking lot like the good ol' days.

WEEKLY ITEM #2: Upcoming Events  




The 2nd Annual China Nationals Tournament

This year's natties are going to be held in the capital. The dates will be May 31st and June 1st. It is going to be Beijing's first time ever to host a tournament.  If you are interested in helping organize this year's tournament, please contact Kelly at kndu218 at hotmail dot com.   She needs your help. She really does.  Don't make her beg you.  Just bafflegabbing volunteer!!!

The plan will be to split big brother into two squads, just like last year.  if you want to be on the sexy team, now's the time to show betsy that you belong.  auditions will be held nightly at betsy's apartment.

The Shanghai Tournament

June 21-22.  We will very shortly be looking into group flights.  Watch for an email in the next week for details.  Right now, Big Brother is certainly sending an A and B team.  No word yet on other teams that might be going from Beijing.  In the meantime, if you haven't already, respond to Big Brother's email about upcoming tournaments.

Future Tournaments:

―8 30--31 ―― Singapore

―Late October ―― Hong Kong

―11 22--23 ―― Manila


WEEKLY ITEM #3: Betsy's Corner

Since Betsy doesn't have enough of a platform to share her views and opinions on how awesome she is, she's gone ahead and started this new forum.

if your method of flirting with a woman involves pulling her hair and taking off your shirt, you better hope she's in 5th grade or a neanderthal.  otherwise you probably won't be getting anywhere.

i don't know what jeff did to piss barbie off, but i wouldn't want to be in his shoes after the very public smackdown he got on the forum this week.

ultimate is a lot more fun when it includes chinese people and women.  i'm glad i don't live in shanghai.


WEEKLY RUMOR THAT MUST BE TRUE: In this weeks prerumor category, what you can expect this weekend:

candice, sandy, and jenn b will all be fighting over incoming eligible bachelor kevin reitz's very attractive attention.  but greg 'dungeon master' may will be the one who's most disappointed when kevin and zoe move in together.

Weekly Rumor Disclaimer: The Weekly Rumor is absolutely and one hundred percent true.  Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. 

WEEKLY ITEM #4:  Social Calender

Thurs May 15, Wedding Reception for Chris and Jenn B 

i have no idea when this is happening, or when it happening, but it is happening.  don't worry.  the chinese government has declared this friday will be an official day of recovery and people don't need to go into the office.


Friday May 16, Game night, Ryan and Jamie's apt at DZM.

And yes, both Ryan and Jamie are going to be there.  Call Doc for details: 1346 672 6334.

Saturday May 17, Birthday Party, Around town.

Dinner starts at 730pm. Fu Hui Long restaurant. (Luck Dragon Restaurant)Dongzhimen nei buliding 5-2.
It's the 5th restaurant west of dongzhimen 7-11
tel: 84064086.
10pmish- party bus leaves from dongzhimen NAGA buliding. 
For those of you who didn't get enough bus shenanigans last weekend, we have another bus night.
Call Sandy for details.  I'm sure all you guys have her number.



which brings us finally to your frisbee moment of zen:

catch you on the field,



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