The Weekly Email By Betsy--Mar 4, 2008

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betsy beijing

Mar 4, 2008, 10:51:13 AM3/4/08

after an in-depth study of all things frisbee, betsy, the surgeon-general of beijing utlimate, has determined that regular disc play may be hazardous to your health.  which is exactly what makes it so darn fun. 

WEEKLY ITEM #1:  The Weekly Schedule

Wednesday Mar 5, Pick Up, 7-9.30, BCIS
Remember that time Candice's mom came to BCIS?  Doc does.  Good times!

Saturday Mar 8, Practice, TBD.
This past Saturday's practice was a great start.  Unfortunately, this coming Saturday, BCIS is hosting an all day event in the gym.  Joe better find us a back-up venue soon, or his position as the guy that's going to take over for Jason when he finally gets admitted into the mental hospital will be in serious jeopardy.
Remember Joe, Char is just itching to be the one to replace Jason at the first sign of weakness on your part.

Sunday Mar 9, Pick Up, 2.30-5.00
To tell the truth, Betsy is going to be in Boracay this weekend for the annual beach tournament.  So she doesn't really care if you show up for anything this weekend or not

lunch time poll:

which long, unresolved conflict is most in danger of tearing beijing ultimate apart:

a) both doc and jim have one half of the map to captain flynn's long lost treasure, but neither one is willing to share a single dubloon with a "scurvy, yellow-bellied, scalawag of a bilge rat."

b) the ghost of david joiner still haunts russell in his sleep.

c) underlying sexual tension between candice and donald still hasn't been alleviated, threatens to explode at any moment.

d) whatever black mail material that ryan has been holding over carey to keep him from coming out to frisbee all winter is likely to be exposed after carey's appearance at disc on sunday.

WEEKLY ITEM #2: Upcoming Events 

The Ratties

This years awards ceremony is going to be March 29th, at Greg and Zoe's place.  The theme is going to be "Rat Pack or Pack Rats."  Don't ask Betsy what that means.  If you want to help out with the organizing committee, or you just want to get some free donuts from Greg and/or Zoe, let Candice know. 

The 2nd Annual China Nationals Tournament

This year's natties are going to be held in the capital.  It is going to be Beijing's first time ever to host a tournament.  If you are interested in helping organize this year's tournament, please contact Kelly at kndu218 at hotmail dot com.  Kelly is hard at work securing fields, doing whatever it takes to make sure we have a place to hold the tournament.  And I mean whatever it takes.  


Jeju is the last weekend in April, the 26th and 27th.  To get an idea of what it was like last year, check out this clip:

We have one group fare squared away, and right now Barbie is working on a second one.  If you are interested in going, and you want the cheap fare and the cheap company of other beijing ultimate players, contact Barbie immediately.

now is the time in the weekly email when betsy gives her weekly shout outs, and call outs.  remember, you want to get shouted out, but you don't want to get called out.

a shout out to Joe Devino, who celebrated his 50th birthday.  I personally don't believe that Joe is actually that old, because Betsy has killed younger men with her love making ability.  I surmise he is just looking for our sympathy and some presents.

a call out to the united clone workers of china.  it's great that they've almost perfected their cloning technology and have agreed to do their final product testing on ultimate players.  ken 2.0 is superior to the original in almost every way, being younger, faster, taller and more efficient at solving algebraic equations.  but why does he have to be so darn ugly.  hopefully ucwc have worked out all the kinks, because there are new versions of every one of us coming in the next few months.  the new 7' 2" version of klaas is due next week.

a shout out to Sandy's coworkers, the only team of somewhat cool people besides our own that participated in wab's dodgeball tournament.  all the other anal retentive fun hating blowhards, including the organizers, might as well get together and start an airline or something.

a call out to chip, who seems to have abandoned his friends.  when chip was in the states, it was understandable that he might have to miss frisbee occasionally. but now that he's back and still not making an appearance, betsy is starting to understand.  when he was sleeping with chris b, he was a regular.  when he was sleeping with yin, he was a regular.  but now that he ain't getting no frisbee love, he's nowhere to be found.  so i challenge all of you:  history shows that chip isn't too particular.  someone needs to pony up and convince chip it's worthwhile to return to frisbee.

a shout out to the new orange man dance troupe that had their beijing premiere at yu gong yi shan on saturday night.  for pictures of the event, check out face book.

a call out to the hsk, which has decided to offer only two testing dates this spring, one during the jeju tournament, and one during the shanghai tournament.  luckily, the test is a meaningless charade and no self respecting frisbee player will make the mistake of choosing the test over the tournament.  right?


every week, betsy gets a lot of emails inviting her out on dates, complementing her on her leadership skills, asking her ultimate related questions, and wanting to know who she is.  the mailbag is where she answers these questions.  as always, these are real letters from real readers.

Letter #1:

dear betsy,

whatever happened to the committee that we've been hearing so much about?  are they still in charge of beijing utlimate?  what provisions do we have for succession of power?

the ultimate patriot,
robo gabe

dear rg,

betsy has been waiting for this question.  beijing ultimate has abandoned its short lived experimentation with democracy faster than betsy abandoned her new year's vow of celibacy.  instead, we've gone back to our old  apathigarchal system.  currently, the beijing ultimate line of succession is as follows:

1. betsy
2. jason cox
3. charmian lam
4. joe pellicano
5. gabe monroe

thanks for writing in gabe.  we were looking for someone to fill in that final slot.


Letter #2:

dear betsy,

why does it seem like the only time i make it into the weekly email is in association with chip?  i'm an individual.  i have a distinct personality of my own.  i want to be acknowledged for my own merits.


dear yin,

i have no idea what you are talking about.


WEEKLY RUMOR THAT MUST BE TRUE:  betsy has really gotten a scoop this week.  according to her sources, it seems our very own jason and stephanie have begun secretly dating.  i'm not sure sure when this illicit affair started, but it must be a very new development. luckily, i think we can all rest assured it's not going to last.  

in the meantime, anyone who has photo confirmation of the relationship, please email it to the group.

WEEKLY ITEM #4:  Social Calender

saturday mar 8, tracie's b-day extravaganza, 10pm, smuggler's
while betsy is living it up on the beach in boracay (try saying that five times quickly), the rest of beijing ultimate will be celebrating tracie's 25th birthday party.  betsy isn't sure how old tracie actually is, but we never got to celebrate this important milestone in tracie's life, so saturday is our chance to make up for lost time. 


WEEKLY QUIZ:  for you newbies, the weekly quiz is a game where betsy asks a few simple questions, and it's your job to provide the correct answers.  as always, googling is prohibited.  this week's winner will receive a free movie night courtesy of reid and julia.

this week's category, oscar trivia:

name who won the best picture, best actor and best actress oscars last year?  i bet it's harder than it sounds.

as for last week's question,

it seems that kelly was desperate not to paint anyone's portrait.  and thanks to her photo of chip and that guy from prison break, she won't have to.  kelly, we'll be expecting to see your self portrait up on facebook any day now.

and speaking of prison break, go to youtube and do a search for prison prison break.


This Week's Rule Clarification:

  1. A pick occurs whenever an offensive player moves in a manner that causes a defensive player guarding (II.G) an offensive player to be obstructed by another player. Obstruction may result from contact with, or the need to avoid, the obstructing player.
  2. A pick can be called only by the obstructed player and must be announced by loudly calling pick immediately after it occurs.
  3. If play stops according to XVI.C, players reposition according to XVI.C.4. In addition, the obstructed player is then allowed to move to recover the relative position lost because of the pick.
Guarding: A defender is guarding an offensive player when they are within three meters of that offensive player and are reacting to that offensive player.

what this means is, as long as i, the defender, am reacting to an offensive player within 3 meters of me, i can call a pick if i am obstructed by another player, whether that other player is on offense or defense.  even if i COULD avoid the pick by going around, i am in no way obligated to avoid the pick.  it is the offensive player's responsibility to avoid the pick, not the defensive player's. it also means that if you are stacking in the middle of the field, and two players are within 3 meters of each other, a smart defender is going to set up in such a way that will create a pick if the offensive player cuts in a certain direction.  

which brings us finally to your moment of zen, courtesy of qxhna titcomb:

catch you on the field,

Jason Cox

Mar 6, 2008, 11:37:44 PM3/6/08
to Beijing Ultimate
Betsy.....thanks for the pressure!!

The BUC has been up and running for a while....but we forgot to tell
anybody. Now you know.

As for evidence of Stephanie's and my relationship....please contact
Canadian Immigration services. We just mailed off our 3 lb package of
photos, text messages and emails. There wou have it. It's no longer a

>    1. A pick occurs whenever an offensive player moves in a manner that
>    causes a defensive player guarding
> (II.G<>)
>    an offensive player to be obstructed by another player. Obstruction may
>    result from contact with, or the need to avoid, the obstructing player.
>    2. A pick can be called only by the obstructed player and must be
>    announced by loudly calling pick immediately after it occurs.
>    3. If play stops according to
> XVI.C<>,
>    players reposition according to
> XVI.C<>.4.

Yin Kong

Mar 7, 2008, 3:00:01 AM3/7/08
to Beijing Ultimate
i'm in town! well, i'm staying in the hinterlands of beijing, but i
will be in town (within in the rings) tonight. so i was thinking some
drinking, some dancing? whats going on in bj? someone tell me

i got the same phone number, 13681126841 if ya'll wanna hangout.


Ryan Perez

Mar 10, 2008, 1:29:24 AM3/10/08
to Beijing Ultimate
Hey guys, Ryan here.
I need a new teacher again.  If any of you are looking for extra work in the evenings I have classes and one-on-one jobs available.  Anything from a few hours a week up to twenty is ok, so if you just want to make some extra cash or are looking for a real (ok, teaching english) job let me know.  I'm up in wangjing, and classes would be late afternoon/early evening and weekends are available too.

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