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betsy beijing

Apr 1, 2008, 12:42:39 PM4/1/08
to Beijing Ultimate

Hey frisbee rats,

Betsy is still recovering from the weekend of debauchery.  I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to many of you at the party, but despite what jason might have said (he denied my presence because we made out at the end of the night while stephanie was waiting for him downstairs) char and I spent most of the evening in one of the empty bedrooms upstairs. Seeing as I didn't win any awards this year, I suppose it's your own fault.

In honor of April Fool's Day, every word in this email will be the absolute truth. But because Betsy likes to make things up, you will all be left wondering if everything really happened. (cue evil laugh)

WEEKLY ITEM #1:  The Weekly Schedule

Wednesday April 2, Pick Up, 7-9.30, BCIS

Props go to the following people for perfect or near perfect attendance the past few weeks(this includes all frisbee events):

Gold star (0 absences): Jimmy K, Betsy 

Silver star (1 absence): Doc, Jason, the Dude, Ken 2.0, Barbie, Tina (despite her pregnancy), and Wang Bin

Saturday April 5, Big Brother Practice, 11-1.30 BCIS.

The question has come up who can and who can't come to BB practice.  Here's the answer:

Members of Big Brother:  Always

Members of Hangtime, Air Kazakh, and Tianjin: Always, until they beat us, and then NO.

New Players: Yes, but with reservations.  Practice is designed for levels intermediate and above.  Encourage beginners to come out to pick up for a month or so before they start coming to practice.  But we won't turn away beginners at the door.

Visitors from Home: Always

Visitors from other Asian Ultimate Communities: No

Very HOT Visitors from other Asian Ultimate Communities: At Betsy's Discretion

Sunday April 6, Pick Up, 3.00-5.00 Dulwich

we will have a bus at dzm, 1.45.  if you are late, you will have to pay for a cab on your own.  (and you can thank the shadow committee for making this happen, seeing as jason and char are both out of town, vacationing.  funny how they have so much money to go on vacation.  probably just a coincidence they are the ones in charge of the treasury.)


lunch time poll:

a reunion hook up is when two people who at one time in the past dated or hooked up get together again after a significant period of time.  Which of the following reunion hook ups occurred this weekend:

a) ryan and sandy.

b) ryan and candice

c) ryan and jamie

d) all of the above.


WEEKLY ITEM #2: Upcoming Events  



Jeju is the last weekend in April, the 26th and 27th.  To get an idea of what it was like last year, check out this clip:

hopefully, by now everyone's flights will be taken care of.  now that we have a more accurate view of numbers, we will start making teams.  if you have an opinion on how to form teams for jeju, be sure to speak with doc, jason, jim, or sandy.


The 2nd Annual China Nationals Tournament

This year's natties are going to be held in the capital. The dates will be May 31st and June 1st. It is going to be Beijing's first time ever to host a tournament.  If you are interested in helping organize this year's tournament, please contact Kelly at kndu218 at hotmail dot com.  Kelly and Jason just laid down a deposit for fields.  That means there is no backing out now.  

Future Tournaments:

―6 21--22 ―― Shanghai

―8 30--31 ―― Singapore

―Late October ―― Hong Kong

―11 22--23 ―― Manila


now is the time in the weekly email when betsy gives her weekly shout outs, and call outs.  remember, you want to get shouted out, but you don't want to get called out.

a shout out to everyone who made this years award ceremony happen.  special shouts outs to greg and zoe, for hosting, and candice and jason for helping to organize.    

a call out jenn brown, who had a hotel suite all to herself and didn't invite any of us back to her place for a party sunday night. someone get the name of her hotel and text it out to everyone.  we are going to revive beijing ultimate's wednesday night party extravaganza. 

a shout out to hang time, air kazakh and tianjin.  it is great to see how much everyone has improved, and how numbers are continuing to increase.  it looks like 2008 is definitely going to be the best year ever for beijing ultimate.

a call out to anyone who doubted katty-corner was a valid term.  

catty corner

Cater-cornered - diagonal; placed diagonally. A cater-cornered walk crosses the park. ("The World Book Dictionary," World Book Inc., Chicago, 1991.)

"cater-corner/cater-cornered/catawampus/cattywampus - The correct spelling of this term is either 'cater-corner' or 'cater-cornered,' though two variant forms, kitty-corner and katty-corner, are often heard in our various regional dialects. Actually the word 'cater' comes from the French 'quatre' and thus the term originally meant 'four-cornered.' But by a process known to language students as 'folk etymology,' the ordinary users of the term thought they detected an analogy to the ordinary domestic feline. Hence 'cater' soon became 'catty' and eventually 'kitty.'  

betsy was at dinner when doc tried to explain the origin of the word, but he was shouted down by a mob of drunken buffoons who can't manage to order a meal without including six plates of pai huang gua.  shame on you all.

a shout out to rachel dupuy, the 200th member of the beijing ultimate google group!  can you believe it?  200 members!!!  in honor of being the 200th member, we have a special prize package for her.  rachel, whoever you are, please contact zahlen before he goes back to america for your cool and expensive prizes.

a call out to china eastern, for canceling their flights to jeju.  don't they realize it's the hawaii of korea. as i recall, last year we had nothing but sunshine the entire time.


every week, betsy gets a lot of emails inviting her out on dates, complementing her on her leadership skills, asking her ultimate related questions, and wanting to know who she is.  the mailbag is where she answers these questions.  as always, these are real letters from real readers.

Letter #1:

dear betsy,

we have a list of responsibilities for the new committee.  if you know what's good for you, you will share it with everyone:

char, treasurer/fields: gain access to at least three olympic venues for us to use at the same price we are paying now for happy valley.  secure funding from the super rich members of beijing ultimate (ie patrick li and ken su) so that everyone plays for free from now on.  research and develop the technology so that every one will have a personal tracking device that alerts you when it's time to go to frisbee, gives voice directions on how to get there, and zaps you with a jolt of electricity when you are late.  patrick and ken will pay for this.

jason, marketing/sponsorship: secure sponsorship from adidas.  every player gets free copas, a track suit in the color of their choice, and knee high socks to match.  have adidas ensure that david beckam, ronaldinho and kaka are available as ringers for every tournament we go to.  also, don't get beat deep on the pull.

shen, outreach:  translate all of rsd into chinese.  by the end of 2008, make sure that every resident of beijing has been out to disc at least twice.

joe, communications:  lock greg in the cage we used to keep beartron in, don't let him out until website is finished.  send out gold engraved invitations to all members before every frisbee session.  get the email addresses for every member of sockeye.  keep bugging them until they agree to move to beijing.

candice, social:  get patrick and ken to buy everyone beer.  keep it coming.  plan out the party costumes for the next 10 tournaments, make sure they have been finished by next saturday.  tracie can help with this.  more birthday parties!

if everything on this list is not accomplished by the end of may, you will all be subjected to merciless humiliation.

that is all,

dt, zt, cr, sw, and q

dear dzcsq,

thanks for the heads up. i've passed your message along.  and thanks for the tip on patrick and ken.  i didn't know they were so well off.



Letter #2:

dear betsy,

so last night, i was eating a bag of cherry and orange bite sized twizzlers as i left my apartment.  when i got back about 15 minutes later, i realized that i had dropped one on the floor of my stair well.  i debated for several minutes whether to eat it or not.

did i mention i love candy?


dear doc,

is it any wonder you are the only member of beijing ultimate i have never gotten with?



Letter #3

dear betsy,

how do you get jello stains out of silk?

thanks for the tips,

the original yin

dear oy,





WEEKLY RUMOR THAT MUST BE TRUE: betsy has it on good authority that ken 2.0 and lisa left the party together and proceeded to get it on in the parking lot. this begs the question, what what would be the most unlikely and shocking hook up in the history of beijing ultimate.  here's the final list, from least shocking to most shocking, rated in volts.

3 volts jeff mandell and carly biggart (would not really be that suprising)

5 volts joe p and becca

9 volts candice not making out at a party

14 volts david joiner and jocelyn

22 volts barbie and ryan's sister

37 volts ryan and jocelyn

49 volts carey and zahlen

76 volts patrick li and yin

150 volts ryan and tina

1000 volts michelle and doc 

WEEKLY ITEM #4:  Social Calender


friday apr 4, qing ming festival, your ancestor's grave

national holiday.  after everyone has taken care of the formalities, there is going to be a wonderfully fun adventure, location and specifics tbd.  there's a good chance it will involve dinosaurs.


WEEKLY QUIZ:  for you newbies, the weekly quiz is a game where betsy asks a few simple questions, and it's your job to provide the correct answers.  as always, googling is prohibited.  this week's winner will receive the whole day off from work on friday, courtesy of the communist party of china.

this week's category: titcombs.

where are zahlen's pants?  zahlen left the party saturday without them.  the last confirmed sighting was friday night when he got into bed with jenn brown. after that, it's anyone's guess. 

remember, googling is prohibited.

as for last week's question, the first correct answer was sent in by julio:

1. emilio estevez, demi moore, judd nelson, charlie sheen, and molly ringwald=the brat pack

2. don boudria of eastern ontario, sheila copps of hamilton, brian tobin of newfoundland and john nunziata of the greater toronto area=the liberty party rat pack of canada

3. will ferrell, jack black, vince vaughn, owen wilson, and luke wilson=the frat pack

julio will receive all of this year's unclaimed awards, which were quite a few.  they include brady's (married in chicago), char's (upstairs with betsy), gabe's (home sick), and nick's (the victim of poor decision making).



which brings us finally to your moment of zen:

catch you on the field,




Apr 2, 2008, 7:32:53 PM4/2/08
to Beijing Ultimate
Hey Betsy,

It was so good to finally catch up properly with you last weekend
after all those years... thanks for hearing me out on my love life
problems and for all that advice.

So we'll pick you up from Nadi in two days? Jason and Stephanie are
meeting us on Tevawa Island on Saturday. Looking forward to a weekend
in the sun!

Safe journeys.

C x
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