The Weekly Email Addendum By Betsy 10-6-07

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betsy beijing

Oct 6, 2007, 12:14:41 AM10/6/07
hey saturday snoozers,

Betsy is here to assure you that all your wild fantasies are coming true, the first of which is that there is indeed pick-up this sunday.

As previously stated, meet DZM @ 2 and our loyal drivers will whizz you off to the fantasy land of happy valley. play is from 3-5:30.


Though our social calendar has been pathetically absent, this doesn't mean things aren't happening, just that people are too lazy to tell betsy their plans, and you can't expect me to invite the whole list serve to all of my raucous and mind-blowing 扒体s (thats party in Chinese for those of you furrowing your brow).

However barbie was kind enough to invite me to see chick corea with her tomorrow night at the Forbidden City Concert Hall at 7:30, and so we are thinking of leaving directly after ultimate to grab a bite and hot-tail it there, if any one else cares to join. scalped cheap tickets can probably be bought at the door, so no worries about pre-purchase. personally i've never seen baby fowl playing latin fusion jazz before, so it suffices to say that I am pretty psyched about the whole thing.


On 10/3/07, betsy beijing <> wrote:

hey flatball high-rollers, bluffers, and scamdicappers,

I've heard through the grapevine that people are lost without my weekly email, thanks to the success of my latest project--that is, after a lot mischief and a little elbow grease, I have finally bugged every one of your homes, all the favorite hot spots (the rickshaw bathroom; the pole at the new old black sun; C-dice's bed), and every dimly-lit street corner in sanlitun. Despite the shock felt 'round the Frisbee World caused by my sudden and prolonged absence, the goodies I will bring in my return will impress and astound. To capture these multidimensional feelings in one handy pocketbook phrase, one might dare to call it the Betsy "Shock and Awe."

WEEKLY ITEM #1:  The Weekly Schedule

Wednesday October 3rd   Pick-up, 7.30 @ BCIS.
For all you sorry folks who have to work on holiday, or didn't plan ahead of time to be able to buy tickets out of the city. We play in a gym, so bring your tennies.

Saturday October 6th   Practice cancelled; instead we bring to you Tongzhoupalooza!
Free playing space courtesy of Beijing Communications and whatever University, the school at which Lisa works. The only downside: It's in bloody Tongzhou. Call Lisa @ 137 1897 7857 if interested.

Sunday October 6th   Pick-up 3-5:30 @ Happy Valley

We hope to play pick-up regardless of the weather or mind-state (be it bahloon or another other); in fact, having a hangover is mandatory. What we do mind is numbers. Email Sandy with interest, if it works out we will meet at DZM at 2pm sharp.

lunch time poll:  who was most likely to go to the after-party at the Hilton after the Talib/Ozomatli show last night, and why?

a) Candice, because, well, she might want to play on their ultimate team sometime in the future…. (banking on the possibility that their team works like Shanghai does)

b)  The beihang gang, (Mackenzie, yanhao, speed, yanhao's crazy friend, et al) because after seeing just one show they were so enamored they decided to quit school and become groupies, with the unlikely yet freakishly bright business plan to selling jianbing after every show to sustain themselves.

c) sandy wang, because now that Christian is back in town she's got real competition for next year's piggy awards. She figured there were 8 guys in ozomati, then talib and his dj makes 10—at least she could relax until the weekend, knowing she had a small lead.

d) chip, because after being too damn po' to buy a ticket to the show, he hopped on his giant, guitar strapped to his back, and sped off to the after-party, hoping that if they liked his smooth jams they would play a number or two for him.


WEEKLY QUIZ:  for you newbies, the weekly quiz is a game where betsy provides a lyric, and it's your job to provide the song name and artist.  as always, googling is prohibited.  This week's winner will win a free dance lesson from Yin, in the dance genre of their choosing, with the exception of the horizontal tango, because Chip already gets all those lessons.

this weeks genre:  70s rock

He's called Fernandez
Livin' on a gun
Dreams of Santa Anna
Fighting in the sun
Drums so loud from outside
Makes it hard to dream
A rain is fallin' hard and fast
Makes it all seem real
Mornin' come mornin
A Chico's gotta have his share
Mornin', sad mornin'
Said he must be there

Betsy forgets who won whatever the last quiz'a prize was. To make up for her grievous error, she promises to give everyone a big hug next time she sees them!!


which brings us finally to your moment of zen:

catch you on the field,

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