Piezoelectric effect and common sense in science ….

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Sorin Cosofret

May 23, 2015, 1:55:09 AM5/23/15
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Piezoelectric effect and common sense in science ….


The piezoelectric effect is analyzed again in this material:




The actual explanation contradicts all we know about charge generation and extinction. Under an external force action, it is impossible to imagine at least, how some charges are generated on the surface or inside a crystal, are grouping together and travel in an external circuit in contradiction with any principle of physics.

In fact for any ,,common sense” mind if some charges are generated, the most evident effect should be an emission spectra ….but this is another story.


Have you ever heard about an quantum treatment for piezoelectric effect ?

I don’t think so …. and the reason is more then evident: the piezoelectric effect don’t care about quantum idea ….


This is only a refreshed version for a materials advertised years ago.


Soon the photoelectric effect comes to turn …..


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Sorin Cosofret


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