Capacitor, charge displacement and ,,common sense” in science…..

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Sorin Cosofret

Jun 1, 2015, 9:01:09 PM6/1/15
Capacitor, charge displacement and ,,common sense” in science…..

The concept of charge displacement as foundation of electric phenomena is analyzed here: 

First cut off experiment analyses what happens when a capacitor is charged with an electron beam collected from a cathode ray tube and when is charged with a Van de Graaff generator. 

Than the concept of charge extinction during the process of discharging a capacitor is analyzed in detail. If actual electromagnetism and quanta theory were to be true, all our electronic devices must be restricted for consumer use, because all have to emit X ray, UV, VIS, microwave radiation. This is because each time an extinction of charge takes place a broad spectra is generated (X ray, UV, VIS, IR, Microwave). 

Last but not least the dissectible Leyden jar is analyzed. The concept of charge deposition on surface or inside dielectric has such absurd consequences that a ,,common sense” science will avoid to mention at least this ,, possible explanation”. 

In proposed explanation no charges are generated at electrodes, at dielectric surface or inside dielectric even in case of high voltage capacitors. Though, dielectric material changes its structure somehow and new simple experiments able to describe and to measure in a quantitative way these changes are proposed in the book. It is so easy to perform the experiment even in a low level laboratory….

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Sorin Cosofret 

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