New Coder: Starting w/ RUST, as needed for My Own Projects

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Robert Wilson

Feb 14, 2024, 12:00:06 PMFeb 14
to Begin Rust
  Hello RUST Coders-m I need help setting up My Code Edotor, and Code Compiller
on my Mac's TERMINAL? Right? To start RUST projects...Which of each of these, shouold I use? ..and I just down load these right onto the TERMINAL? ...I have already Installed RUST on my Terminal. Thats ok right? Sorry to be such a nub at all this.
  Also, Do I need a Text Editor, like NANO? Do I use this outside of the Terminal I guess?
I have never done any coding before, although I have worked with a Top White Hat hacker
on creating, wireframing I guess, some really advanced Tech Projects I want to now code
for myself, with maybe the help of some here in the RUST Community at 1 point.
  Please be kind and take pity on my complete lack of info how to start here.
     thanks for any help you can dole out,  Robert Wilson.  XTKN t.m.
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Michael Snoyman

Feb 15, 2024, 3:45:13 AMFeb 15
to Begin Rust
Hey Robert,

My recommendation, if you're not already set up with a terminal-based workflow, would be the following stack:

* Rust toolchain: follow the instructions at
* Editor: the easiest onboarding experience right now IMO is VS Code:
* Code completion/Intellisense: once you have VS Code installed, add rust-analyzer to it:

It's definitely possible to do things from the terminal too if you're interested, but certainly not necessary. In case anyone's interested, a few months ago I did a tooling update myself and now use:

* Terminal emulator: WezTerm
* Terminal multiplexer: zellij
* Editor: Helix
* Shell: fish + starship + zoxide

But all of those have much more of a learning curve than VS Code.

Good luck and lots of Rust success!

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