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Francis Brosnan Blazquez

Jul 26, 2012, 4:18:23 AM7/26/12
to Vortex, BEEP, BEEPwg
## Vortex Library 1.1.12 ##
## "No light, No light" ##

Release note

Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce Vortex
Library 1.1.12 "No light, No light" release availability: an open
source "BEEP Core" protocol implementation written in C, mapped onto

Vortex Library is a stable and robust application protocol
development toolkit, with active support for Microsoft Windows and
GNU/Linux platforms.

Check out the following links to get ready with Vortex Library:

- http://www.aspl.es/vortex
[Vortex Library homepage]

- http://www.aspl.es/vortex/py-vortex/html
[PyVortex homepage]

- http://www.aspl.es/turbulence
[Turbulence BEEP server homepage]

- http://code.google.com/p/vortexlibrary/downloads/list
[Sources and Win32 binaries]

- http://www.beepcore.org
[BEEP Core community web site]

- http://www.aspl.es/xml
[Axl Library, XML 1.0 implementation]

This release in short

ENGINE: Added new API to allow sending incomplete frames (content
with more flag enabled).

TLS: Fixed wrong handling on connection error when auto-tls is

GENERAL: Several bugs were fixed.

Change notifications


Thanks to..

- Jason Dana (reported wrong pointer handling on TLS failure having
auto-tls enabled).

- Subrahmanya (reported wrong error code handling at various system

- Gaurav Kumar Singh (reported various errors while compiling vortex
with VS tools).

Changes since 1.1.11

* [fix] Updated PyVortex documentation (added some examples at

* [fix] Commented out a noisy debug line at vortex thread pool module..

* [fix] Several updates into the core library to better log errors
that involves closing the connection. Now those errors are logged
into connection so they can be checked using already available
channel pop error API. Added new connection error to identify
connection closed by remote peer without going through the BEEP
close process.

* [new] General engine update to provide an API for sending MSG, RPY
and ERR messages whose frames are all flagged with more flag
on. This allows to send a set of messages, that are then translated
into frames, where all of them belongs to the same MSG. API added:

- vortex_channel_send_msg_more
- vortex_channel_send_rpy_more
- vortex_channel_send_err_more

Added regression test (test_02-r) to reproduce use cases and check
that it is working. Added documentation explaining how to use this.

* [new] Updated PyVortex API to provide an API to new opened send
operations (send_msg_more). API added:

- vortex.Channel.send_msg_more
- vortex.Channel.send_rpy_more
- vortex.Channel.send_err_more

Updated documentation.

* [fix] Fixed BEEP checking engine for received frames to ensure it is
detected when a remote BEEP peer replies two times to a MSG frame
whose msgno is 0. Bug found during send_msg_more API development.

* [fix] Fixed sending operations involving VortexPayloadFeeder objects
that were paused to check if their msgno is on the pending reply
list to avoid a race where pause operation happens at the same time
the msgno is removed from the list.

* [fix] Fixed security bug where vortex engine may accept a fake RPY
with message number of 0, delivering to user configured handler,
even without having sent a MSG frame with that number. Only happened
with msgno 0.

* [fix] Fixed internal __vortex_channel_set_state to ensure turbulence
works with latest changes..

* [new] Updated PyVortex channel API to allow configuring frame
complete flag and frame complete limit. API added:

- set_complete_flag
- set_complete_frame_limit

* [fix] Checking reference returned internally by

* [fix] Making vortex_channel_set_serialize to grab current next seqno
value when it is requested to enable serialize, to allow enabling
serialize operation even when it is enabled on a channel with
content transferred previously without such state. Bug exposed by

* [fix] Fixed horrible documentation at

* [fix] Adding some documentation to explain how to use TLS at

* [fix] Fixed various system calls that weren't properly checking
return codes. Sabrahmanya reported wrong return code handling for
getsocketname but it was discovered that this also happens for fcntl
and getpeername sys calls as well. Thanks for reporting.

* [fix] Fixed some grammar mistakes at vortex documentation.

* [fix] More documentation fixes.

* [fix] Several windows fixes.

* [fix] Moved var declaration to the top inside vortex_sequencer_stop
to avoid breaking VS compilers. Reported by Gaurav Kumar Singh.

* [fix] Moved automatic thread pool resize code to be done before
vortex task is executed..

* [new] Added new API to control more details about the thread pool
automatic resize. API added:

- vortex_thread_pool_setup2

* [fix] Fixed internal automatic thread pool resize code to check the
thread add period to be bigger or equal to (not just bigger) so
threads are added when the period is filled (not just filled +

* [fix] Updated vortex sequencer sending code to first manage channel
0 requests and then process the rest of connections. This is done to
ensure administrative channel is able to communicate channel
creation or removal before next request happens on those channels.
Until now, under some rare cases vortex was producing a protocol
violation because it was sending content before the remote peer
received the channel open RPY over the channel 0.

* [fix] Updated vortex_async_queue_ref to return a boolean value to
signal the caller if reference operation finished properly.

* [fix] Updated vortex thread pool activation to acquire a queue
reference directly from the activation object instead of getting
that reference from the pool. Fixes test-00e

* [fix] Making internal vortex tls activation to check new reference
created before proceeding to avoid working and notifying a wrong
reference (for example, there could a oom that causes returning a
wrong reference).

* [fix] Fixed some typos at tls documentation..

* [fix] Updated channel pool addition code to avoid acquiring a lock
during channel creation but only when a channel opened is to be
added to the pool. This avoids blocking the entire channel pool when
a channel creation is taking too long.

* [fix] Fixed documentation (timedout -> timedpop) inside

* [fix] Added default timeout for vortex.Connection. Added missing

* [fix] Fixed bug inside auto-tls support where a wrong reference were
returned when a TLS failure was found. Added reg-test to reproduce
the bug and check the fix introduced (test-05-a1). Bug reported by
Jason Dana.

* [fix] Updated vortex_tls_set_post_check and
vortex_tls_set_default_post_check to also allow uninstalling the
handler if NULL reference is passed in.

* [fix] Fixed wrong ssl context creation check inside vortex tls
module. Also added logging code to report those failures.

About Us

Advanced Software Production Line provides GNU/Linux support and
consulting services to help organizations to introduce GNU/Linux
inside its process.

Contact us, using English or Spanish, to get commercial support
and/or BEEP based development services.

You can reach us:

http://www.aspl.es - in...@aspl.es

Enjoy Vortex Library!

Francis Brosnan Blï¿œzquez - fra...@aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line - http://www.aspl.es
26th jul 2012, Madrid (Spain)

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