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Francis Brosnan Blazquez

Nov 29, 2013, 8:19:19 AM11/29/13
to Vortex, BEEP, BEEPwg
-= Turbulence 0.6.1 =-
"Counting Stars"

Release note

Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce Turbulence
0.6.1 "Counting stars" release: an open source BEEP application
server, written on top of Vortex Library 1.1.

Turbulence is a BEEP server extensible through modules which allows
to implement server side profiles that are used and combined then
with other profiles through run time configuration.

Turbulence is written to make it easy to develop and deploy BEEP
profiles, allowing developers to provide a convenient configuration
interface to site administrators and end users.

Check out the following links to get ready with Turbulence:

- http://www.aspl.es/turbulence
[Turbulence homepage]

- http://www.core-admin.com
[Core-Admin homepage]

- http://www.beepcore.org
[BEEP Core community web site]

The release in short

WEBSOCKET: integrated noPoll (http://www.aspl.es/nopoll), through
the new Vortex Library's WebSocket support to allow easy integration
of BEEP and BEEP over WebSocket without having to pay attention to
these details at profile level.

INTERNAL PROXY: added support to the engine to allow the master
process to proxy a connection to a child process. This way it is
possible to handle at a child process (which is running with
different uid/gid) a connection that must be handled at master
process (for example, because a TLS handshake is in place).

SECURITY: making mod-tls to close connection after TLS handshake
failure by default.

GENERAL: added support to use syslog (making it default
option). Lots of bugs were fixed and new minor features were added.

Change notifications

Changes since the 0.6.1

* [fix] Several modifications to make turbulence to be able to use

* [fix] Making use-syslog="yes/no" to be optional.

* [fix] More fixings to better handle logging into syslog.

* [fix] Added new regression test to try to trick turbulence server
when requesting TLS (but it wasn't properly initiated).

* [fix] Updated mod-tls to close the connection when TLS handshake
fails to avoid security implementations (even though they are
covered). Now if the user configures a close-on-failure="yes" or
doesn't say anything about that attribute, the connection will be

* [fix] Fixed documentation failure which was causing to get the exarg
mainpage instead of turbulence's. Added security clarification note
to explain why it is not required to add any connmark declaration
when it comes to secure profiles inside.

* [fix] Added initial code to support mod-websocket (a module to
provide websocket services through libvortex-websocket-1.1).

* [new] Added initial working mod-webosocket version with support to
handle applications at the parent process. Still more work is
required to allow applications on children too. Now it is possible
to reach applications served by Turbulence via BEEP over WebSocket
(ws:// and wss://). Nice!! Updated regression test to include an
initial test suite (test_25).

* [fix] Making turbulence process to not activate SIGCHLD handler on
master process until a child is created.

* [new] Updated Turbulence engine to allow configuring search domains
(for data applications) inside <system-paths> nodes as done until
now inside profile path declaration.

* [new] Global engine update to allow supporting in a general way
proxing BEEP connection on the master process so they are handled
transparently at the child process as if it were received directly
by them.

This new support has been added to bypass OpenSSL's limitations in
terms to saving SSL context and recovering it at a child process.

With this new support mod-websocket is able to work on master and
child processes (using reuse=yes configuration). NICE!!! Still more
work is required to update regression tests and cleanup the code.

API added:
- turbulence_conn_mgr_proxy_on_parent

* [new] Updated turbulence code to install a vortex log handler when
debug isn't enabled on that library to track all critical errors
found and display them as turbulence error() messages.

* [fix] Added new regression test to properly check WebSocket with TLS
connections on child process. Used this to cleanup the
module. Several updates into the turbulence-process to allow fixing
the serverName on child (which is imposed by the WebSocket Host

* [fix] Making regression tests to be not installed.

* [fix] Updated turbulence-ppath module to notify about what profile
path name is being selected.

* [new] Updated turbulence loop API to allow unwatching a socket,
getting associated context or getting currently watched
descriptors. API added:

- turbulence_loop_ctx
- turbulence_loop_unwatch_descriptor
- turbulence_loop_watching

* [fix] Several modifications to make proxy on parent engine to
properly release references when connection close found without
having wrong reference accesses.

* [fix] Making turbulence_process_create_child to skip operations when
detected turbulence is finishing.

* [fix] Updated mod-websocket code to use new unified certificate
storage provided by noPoll API. Also updated module to allow
configuring port-share feature provided by Vortex Library to run on
current BEEP ports support for WebSockets too. Nice!! Updated
default configuration file.

* [fix] Updated turbulence child creation process to check if
turbulence itself is finishing before proceed after acquiring the
child lock.

* [fix] Updated child creation process to avoid releasing an internal
BEEP connection twice when the child fails at very early
stages. Added regression test (test_10e) to reproduce the conditions
to force the wrong reference access to check patch introduced.

* [fix] Added additional code to wait a bit for child to start before

* [fix] Updated test_17.conf to increase the limit to ensure the test

* [fix] Fixed child control socket path check at parent. Moved module
unloading code at the verify end..

* [fix] Updated mod-websocket to allow importing certificates as
defined inside mod-tls.conf so they can be easily unified into a
single place.

* [fix] Updated child local socket path code run by parent process to
avoid calling to connect when the path doesn't exists...implemented
internal micro-waits to let the child to process until the parent is
able to connect.

* [fix] Making child process wait at the parent process to be skipped
when detected parent process is finishing..

* [fix] Added additional regression test to check connections that
must be sent to child process but at <on connect> time:
test_27. Still more work required.

* [fix] Updated turbulence engine to avoid failing when it is not
possible to setup set hard and soft socket limit.

* [fix] Updated turbulence profile path engine to defer profile path
decision when separate="yes", it is on-connect selection, serverName
on profile path is ".*" and the user didn't still provided a
serverName (because no BEEP session has been established yet). This
fixes those situations where a profile path with a serverName=".*"
catches all connections even though having other profile paths with
the right serverName (matching one). Added test_27 reg test to
reproduce the bug and check the fix introduced.

* [fix] Updated test_01.c to create a socket by other means to avoid
using socket creation API at Vortex which is creating some
interactions with the reg test.

* [fix] Applied several printf-format fixings.

* [fix] Several updates on mod-websocket to allow getting
notifications from the noPoll level that are handled through the
standard turbulence message handler. By default only critical
messages are showed. Updated certificate handling code to detect
files that aren't found because they are relative to implement a
search operation over certain standard locations to ensure
certificates have full path.

* [fix] Making turbulence proxy on parent engine to restore original
connecting host and port on the proxied connection running at the
child. Added regression test (test_28) to reproduce the bug and
check the fix introduced.

* [fix] Updated connection state restore at child to also restore
host_ip value returned by vortex_connection_get_host_ip.

* [fix] Updated typo error at turbulence-signal.c

* [fix] Updated mod-python to avoid calling to PyEval_ReleaseLock
which seems to (well, it is) break GIL handling under some
circumstances. Updated reference handling around PyTurbulenceCtx
used by initialisation (to ensure at least one ref will remain at
the end of the module).

* [fix] Updated mod-python to avoid calling to acquire GIL but instead
use thread init and release lock calls. Fixes some issues while
calling to python APIs that acquires and releases the GIL

* [fix] More fixings into mod-python to properly initialise and
release the lock just after the enter python init was completed.

* [fix] Updated mod-python to acquire and release the python GIL in a
different manner so first initialisation lock is released using
PyEval_SaveThread but the rest of the cases PyGILState_Ensure is

* [fix] Several fixings to make mod-python to compile with Python2.5.

* [fix] Updated regression test to wait a bit more for the socket to
be disabled after running websocket test..

* [fix] Updated regression test to show current listener connections
after failure found at test_websocket_listener_disabled.

* [fix] Making turbulence loop module to detect and discard
broken/invalid watched descriptors to avoid iterating over and over

* [fix] Minor changes into tbc-sasl-conf.c to get it compiled.

* [fix] Enabled by default SSP support for gcc.

* [fix] Updated mod_sasl_mysql.c to enforce security checks to
avoid SQL-injections.

* [fix] Fixed connection source address restoration at child process.

About Us

Advanced Software Production Line provides GNU/Linux support and
consulting services to help organisations to introduce GNU/Linux
inside its process.

Contact us, using English or Spanish, to get commercial support
and/or BEEP based development services.

You can reach us:

http://www.aspl.es - in...@aspl.es

Enjoy Turbulence!

Francis Brosnan Blï¿œzquez - fra...@aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line - http://www.aspl.es
29th Nov 2013, Madrid (Spain)

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