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Francis Brosnan Blázquez

Mar 21, 2011, 3:29:37 AM3/21/11
to Vortex, BEEPwg, BEEP
>>>> jsVortex 0.4.1 <<<<
Uprising at Trantor release

>>>> Release note

Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce jsVortex
0.4.1 "Uprising at trantor" release: an Open Source Javascript BEEP

jsVortex is a Javascript BEEP implementation that is specially
designed to run in the context of a web browser, turning it into an
effective BEEP peer without too much effort.

Check out the following links to get ready with jsVortex:

- http://www.aspl.es/jsVortex
[jsVortex homepage]

- http://www.aspl.es/jsVortex/docs
[jsVortex API documentation]

- http://www.aspl.es/vortex
[Vortex Library homepage, used to validate jsVortex]

- http://www.sf.net/projects/vortexlibrary
[Source download]

- http://www.beepcore.org
[BEEP Core community web site]

>>>> This release in short

First release with complete support for Firefox, Internet Explorer
and Google Chrome using the new java socket connector.

Many API updates and general improvements making jsVortex more
usable for production environment.

Updated packaging to release the product into a single .js
compressed file for fast download.

>>>> Changes from last release

* [fix] Documented VortexConnection.channels attribute.

* [new] Updated VortexConnection module to include a method to get
channels by uri or using a function that acts as selector. Updated
regression test to check its function. API added:

- VortexConnection.getChannelByUri

* [new] Updated VortexChannel API to include a method to check if the
channel is ready (no pending replies to be received). Updated
regression test to check function. API added:

- VortexChannel.isReady

* [new] Added support to configure a per message frame received
handler on a particular channel. This allows to provide a particular
function to handle a particular reply to outstanding message
(channel.sendMSG). Added regression test to check function
introduced. Nice!

* [fix] Fixed bug while handling per message frame received if it is
configured for the first message. Updated reg test to reproduce the
problem and check the first introduced.

* [fix] Fixed bug causing to not call per message frame received if a
global channel frame received is not configured.

* [fix] Fixing VortexConnection.onDisconnect documentation. Making
method to return -1 on failure (rather than false).

* [fix] Committing initial code to implement a socket connector using

* [new] Several updates to the java socket connector. Now it is
possible to receive per socket log notifications, message content
and open notifications using WebSocket API design. API added:

- onopen (event notification)
- onlog (event notification)
- onmessage (event notification)
- send (operation).

* [fix] Fixed Makefile to find the appropriate plugin.jar file on the
current system. Updated documentation notes to allow people to
download, compile and sign the .jar created.

* [fix] Changed JavaSocketConnector status attribute by readyState.

* [new] Added close method and onclose notification.

* [new] Added global variable JavaSocketConnector.isReady which is
updated by the java applet to notify that it was loaded.

* [fix] Making socket listener to be started at the end of the socket
creation to avoid firing onmessage before onopen.

* [fix] Fixed read handling avoiding readline use. Now the socket
listener read the content available without checking for end of

* [fix] Updating VortexTCPTransport class to support more transport

* [fix] Updated reg test to check new number of profiles expected.

* [fix] Applied some cleanups to make BEEP engine to send client
greetings instead of waiting for server greetings.

* [fix] Added some modifications to make TLS to initiate client
greetings exchange after TLS handshake.

* [fix] Updated regression test to allow the user to select which
transport type to use for the regression test. Added initially Java
Socket Connector and nsISocketTransportService.

* [fix] Added initial code to support JavaSocketConnector inside
regression tests.

* [fix] Fixed regression test panel size.

* [fix] Updated JavaSocketConnector send method to also require
content length to be sent.

* [fix] Added default onclose method inside JavaSocketConnector class
to avoid onclose exceptions.

* [fix] More updates to the regression test to use
JavaSocketConnector. Now first 5 tests are completed without
problems. Nice!!

* [fix] Updated VortexTCPTransport to include initial support to use
JavaSocketConnector class.

* [fix] Making JavaSocketConnector.send operation to not implement it
directly but queue the request as a command to be implemented by the
applet main thread (SendCommand) avoiding blocking the caller until
the send operation is done.

* [fix] More reg test updates to make jsVortex to also support

* [fix] Added invokecommand class to implement java to javascript

* [fix] Implemented VortexTCPTransport close notification using java
socket connector onclose notification.

* [fix] Added micro wait until socket listener is started to avoid
user javascript that configures onclose, onmessage and onopen
handler not be executed.

* [fix] Added several updates to properly run all regression test
until first TLS test. NiCe!!

* [fix] Updated index.html and testConnect.html applet load to include

* [fix] Updated Java to Javascript marshalling to not use setTimeout
but call.apply directly.

* [fix] General update inside JavaSocketConnector class to check how
many callers are inside the applet to prioritize its thread rather
than the applet thread to implement as close as possible Javascript
execution model. Added code to configure lower priority for the
applet thread.

* [fix] Implemented missing onlog and onclose inside reg test. Now we
are able to fully run (without problems) all tests without including

* [fix] Added initial support for TLS handshake inside Java Socket
Connector applet.

* [fix] More updates to complete TLS support using
JavaSocketConnector. Still more work required.

* [fix] More updates to TLS support for JavaSocketConnector. Updated
VortexConnection.js to check transport reference after TLS failure.

* [fix] Making JavaSocketConnector ssl exception to flag the
connection as closed.

* [fix] Finished initial fully working implementation of
JavaSocketConnector which nows passes all jsVortex regtests
including TLS support. NiCe!!

* [fix] Added initial code to detect TCP transport selection from the
regtest user interface.

* [fix] Finished support to properly select transport to use at reg
test user interface.

* [fix] Fixed bug at JavaSocketConnector causing "not connected" event
to be not notified. Added code to fire onopen flagging readyState to

* [fix] Fixed firefox enableTLS support to return a boolean status.

* [fix] Making JavaSocketConnector and firefox nsisocket to notify tls
activation on handlers received. Making JavaSocketConnector to
implement TLS activation in a non blocking manner. Updated
VortexTCPTransport and VortexConnection classes to conform with the
change introduced. Checked regression tests.

* [fix] Added initial support to JavaSocketConnector to allow handling
certificate errors (useful for test purposes..).

* [fix] Added initial code to implement certificate error handling to
Java Socket Connector.

* [new] Added support for TLS certificate error handling to
VortexConnection, VortexTCPTransport and Java Socket Connector. It
is still missing Firefox connector. Now it is possible to signal how
certificate errors will be handled. NICE!

* [fix] Making VortexTCPTransport to better report connection refused
while using java socket connector.

* [fix] Fixed bug inside XML engine which causing to not load
greetings without profiles notified but using full xml node format
<node></node>...Check regression test.

* [fix] Making VortexConnection.openChannel to setup the serverName
connection if it was defined or the caller didn't provide a
serverName value. Check regression tests.

* [fix] Updated reg test check for cert error handling.

* [fix] Fixed minor documentation error at JavaSocketConnector.js

* [fix] Added some debug information to channel.isReady () method.

* [fix] Making VortexBase64.decode to check if input is null or
undefined to avoid throwing an exception.

* [fix] Fixed regression test to upgrade profiles expected values

* [fix] Updated VortexEngine.apply method to support IE8.

* [fix] Removed debug console log not required.

* [fix] Several updates to JavaSocketConnector to move all socket
state into a java object that is returned to JavaScript rather
storing this state into javascript members (which do not work in

* [fix] Fixed missing var declaration in foreach declarations. Works
on firefox but not in IE8. Now IE8 runs all jsVortex regression
tests. Nice!!

* [fix] Fixed regression test resize issue. Fixed wrong styling in

* [fix] Checked that current version also supports google chrome.

* [fix] Adding more documenation. Still more work required.

* [fix] Several modifications to support unicode content inside BEEP
frames. Added regression test to check support. Still more work

* [fix] Fixed support for BEEP frames with utf8 content inside.

* [fix] making regression test to detect hostname and to configure it
into the host box.

* [fix] Several updates to allow configuring character encoding for
the connection. Also updated java socket connector. Checked FF, IE,

* [fix] Committing signed version for the java socket connector.

* [fix] General update on JavaSocketConnector.js class to cache all
java applet method to avoid loosing references. Fixed
misterious/estrange bug in FF. Checked GC and IE to work after

* [fix] Improved error connection handling while using
JavaSocketConnector, especially while reporting host unknown.

* [fix] Making java socket connector to use runnable interface to
implement its function.

* [fix] Updated jsvortex regtest to conform latest profile number used
by vortex 1.1 listener regtest.

* [fix] Fixed JavaSocketConnector.js constructor to only caching
javasocketconnector applets when running with firefox.

* [fix] Adding console.dir custom implementation when it is detectec
console. var is defined but .dir is not.

* [fix] Removing console.dir custom implementation is not detected by

* [fix] Added missing error handling and TLS activation. Code was not
reporting user level when channel failure was found.

* [fix] Updated PLAIN and ANONYMOUS mechanism to notify textual error
when engine init fails.

* [new] Updated VortexConnection class to support connect timeouts.

* [fix] Initial modifications to use dojo shrinksafe to produce a
jsVortex release that is loadable from a single small file.

* [fix] Updated make-zip.sh to use shrink safe to produce a jsVortex
bundle into a single file. Also used shrink safe to reduce

>>>> About Us

ASPL (Advanced Software Production Line) is a Spanish company that
provides services and support to introduce open source products,
especially GNU/Linux, into organization's processes.

Since 2000, ASPL has been providing software development and support
services to install GNU/Linux enterprise servers that provides mail,
file and firewall services.

Contact us, English or Spanish, to get commercial support and/or
BEEP based development services.

You can reach us:

http://www.aspl.es - in...@aspl.es

Francis Brosnan Blï¿œzquez - fra...@aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line - http://www.aspl.es
21th mar 2011, Madrid (Spain)

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