40% genetic change (amount of genetic change) in my tree ran by BEAST

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Toluwanimi Babatola

Feb 7, 2024, 2:55:09 PMFeb 7
to beast-users
Dear All,

I recently made a phylodynamic tree using BEAST. Firstly, I turned my trimmed sequences to Xml file (generated by BEAUti), afterwards I opened the file on BEAST, parsed the dates of each sequence, utilized GTR model with Gamma, using an uncorrelated relaxed clock with lognormal distributions, with a tree prior model (Coalescent Bayesian Skyline), reconstructed the states at all ancestors using classic priors/operators, and utilizing the auto-optimize in the operator's tab and on the MCMC tab, I chose a length of one hundred million, Echo state to screen every at 10,000, and log parameter every at 50,000 and therefore generated the tree, which took about 4 days.

Afterward, I used TreeAnnotator v1.10.4 to build the MCC tree but I found out that the tree has a 40% number per substitution (genetic change). Kindly find the picture of the tree attachedScreenshot (141).png

I will be glad if I can get any help or a solution to this issue.
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