Multiple Monophyletic Constraint doesn't work

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Humberto Nappo

Nov 13, 2022, 1:35:38 PM11/13/22
to beast-users

I'm trying to run BEAST (v2.7.2) with a multiple monophyletic constraint, but I keep receiving the error message below. I tried changing other parameters, but the same error occurs every time (and only when) I try to impose this constraint, regardless of other changes. I tried to use AlmostMultiMRCAPrior from AlmostDistributions package (with BEAST v2.6.7), so the run could start. It did, but even with penalties, the trees I got were contradictory with the constraint. Defining a starting tree (congruent with the constraint), didn't work as well. I also tried to run it in BEAST 2.6.7. without using AlmostMultiMRCAPrior, but I got the same error message. Using MRCA priors works, though, but it would be prohibitive to define the amount of MRCA priors needed to cover the information on the tree I was trying to use as constraint. Someone has a clue of what may be happening?

Start likelihood: -Infinity after 10 initialisation attempts
P(posterior) = -Infinity (was -Infinity)
    P(prior) = -Infinity (was -Infinity)
        P(YuleModel.t:Concatenated_Alignment) = -10.738813436382559 (was -10.738813436382559)
        P(BMT_PropInvariablePrior.s:Concatenated_Alignment) = 1.0702128141464131 (was 1.0702128141464131)
        P(BMT_RatesPrior.s:Concatenated_Alignment) = -2.462082084518882 (was -2.462082084518882)
        P(BMT_GammaShapePrior.s:Concatenated_Alignment) = -1.0 (was -1.0)
        P(MultiMonophyleticConstraint.t:Concatenated_Alignment) = -Infinity (was -Infinity)
        P(YuleBirthRatePrior.t:Concatenated_Alignment) = 0.0 (was 0.0)
    P(likelihood) = NaN (was NaN)  **
        P(treeLikelihood.Concatenated_Alignment) = NaN (was NaN)  **
java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find a proper state to initialise. Perhaps try another seed.
See for other possible solutions.
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