A Report From thebeanienews.com September 19th, 2007

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Sep 19, 2007, 10:30:15 AM9/19/07
to Beanie Babies

Summer is coming to an end and the Fall is about to begin...

Like I always have posted, this is a rarely posted newsletter. I try
not to clutter your e-mailbox, we have a few realy great sites who
post frequently and there is no need to repeat the same message over

New notes are posted regularly on the news page at


Somewhere along the way, the 2007 News Page lost it's January through
April posts! If I can locate a back up, I will repost those dates.
Unfortunately by the time I noticed, the hosting site backup pages had
already expired.

There are some greate notes and pictures of the new MC 7 Bear on
Beanwatcher and Doodle's Page. This new bear has the style number on
it's Tush Tag according to the reports..

If you have not received your Beanie Baby Software yet, be sure to
visit http://thebeanienews.com/mycollection.html to place your order
for the new version of My Collection Complete. It lists every type of
Beanie and every Ty Category. New features make this version a real
joy and fun to work with.

E you online!


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