March 27th 2006 - Beanie Retirements

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Mar 27, 2006, 10:25:06 AM3/27/06
to Beanie Babies

Here is another one of those rarely published beanienews newsletters!

I hope that you are well and in good spirits!

Here is the most recent news!

We have had a few Beanies added to the retirement list today!

Beanie Babies:
Lucky O'Day, Erin (keyclip), Eggs 2006, Veggies, Sunbonnet, 4-H (gold),
Hobo, Patrick Star, Ireland, Opie (Blue Eyes), Sweetiekins, William
(Open Book), William (Closed Book), Starlight (White), Starlight
(Black), P.F.C. and London

Beanie Buddies:
Carnation, Lullaby and Large Diggs.

Valentines Large, Valentines and Happy Valentine's Day
(All misspelled as "Valenties" without a "n" on the Ty Web Site)

>From The Ty Cyberboard:

April Beanies

I saw someone was pre-selling these April beanies...

Beanie Babies...
All-Star Dad the bear
Catsby the cat
Cool Teacher the bear
Derby 132 the horse
Doogie the dog
Fairydust the bear
Honors the bear
Pinkerton the cat
Saffron the cat
Violetta the cat

Caboodle the poodle purse

Ty Classics...
Diploma the dog

Clomps the parasaurolophus
Stomps the tyrannosaurus
Tromps the triceratops

Sound awesome!

from holidayteddy2002

Beanies In The News:

Tragedy solidifies US and Iraqi police's bond

"One minute he'd be involved in a firefight with the bad guys in
Buhriz, and the next he'd be passing out Beanie Babies to Iraqi kids,"

Selling and trading abound at Collector's Show

"There was everything from coins and stamps to baseball cards and
Beanie Babies at the Meadowbrook Mall Collectors Show Sunday,"

The Week in Review on
Visit the website for links to articles

3-26-2006 SUNDAY

Beanies In The News:

Keeping up with the crazes
Without a doubt, the Beanie Baby craze of the late '90s was the biggest
merchandise boom J.R.'s has ever experienced, Cynthia Sue said. "When
you get a product that comes in and goes right out the door, that's
exciting," she said. "It was a great profit those years. I don't know
when another item like that will come along again."

"They might have been cash cows, but the little bean-filled animals
also caused the employees some headaches."

"We got so annoyed with that phone," Wynn said. "That phone would ring
50 times a day. People would call every day and ask if we had Beanies."

"When the store had Beanies in stock, staff set up a roped-off area to
keep people in a line to the display, Cynthia Sue said." "One little
girl got knocked down while she was in line," Wynn said.

"Customers' Beanie devotion didn't stop there. If a UPS truck was in
the area, they would stop the driver to see if he was making a delivery
to J.R.'s."

"If he said yes, they'd follow the truck," Wynn said.

"Although Beanie Babies' popularity has dwindled, J.R.'s Hallmark
carries other lines that are in demand."

On The Cyberboard:

Thought we were long past this,,,
I went into a Hallmark store on Friday & was surprised to see price
stickers on the back & inside of the hangtags(Eggs 2006). When the
salesclerk exclaimed she couldn't remove them (without damage) & told
me I could just cut the tag. I tried to explain this no-no to her,but I
think she was just bewildered. She may still be as I left the store
with her still holding the beanies & plotted where to go to purchase
sans price stickers!


3-24-2006 FRIDAY

On The Cyberboard:

Raine just arrived!!!!
Raine is beautiful, love the green color. Arrived with beautiful
springtime flower tissue paper. Nicely stuffed, plump bear. Some beans
in the legs.

Ty Beanie Babies, Ty Classic, Beanie Buddies and Pluffies pages each
have a new Group Shot on their opening pages! On each one, some of the
newer introductions were included in the group.


3-23-2006 THURSDAY

According to reports on the Cyberboard, Raine has been marked as
"shipped" for many Tystore customers. Raine, an exclusive which was
introduced in the Tystore on 3/2/2006 was retired on 3/15/2006.

Beanies In The News:

Japanese Community Youth Council Hosts Annual Japantown Fun Fest and
Craft Fair
"Vendors include Okada Originals' Ty Beanie Babies dressed in yukata
and taiko drummer outfits; Shiro Designs, featuring hand-carved
Japanese calligraphy and designs in glass; Green T, a sweatshop-free
T-shirt line sporting Asian American pop culture themed T-shirts; and
original designed vintage silk kimono shirts, vests, jackets and purses
by Waka."

Marge Schott's memorabilia goes on auction block
"There are Reds uniforms and replica World Series trophies, autographed
baseballs and leftover Beanie Babies, a Pete Rose jersey and thousands
of packs of baseball cards."

"The auction is one of three to liquidate Schott's belongings and raise
money for Schott's foundation, which has donated millions of dollars to
various religious, civic and charitable groups since 1965. It's also a
chance to get an inside look at the woman who symbolized baseball's
first professional franchise for 15 years."

"What do you collect"?
"As a child, I collected Beanie Babies."
"Carly Babington was born and raised in Keokuk".
"She is a full time student at Western Illinois University in Macomb,
majoring in broadcasting."

Middle school project reaches out to Iraq
"The ripple that started out as a basic service project for a
Monticello Middle School homeroom class turned into a wave that has
crossed national boundaries." " an extremely dangerous
environment ...Carlson estimates handing out nearly 1,000 Beanie Babies
to children throughout his patrols."
"The kids smile every time we drive by, and give us a thumbs up,"
he said."


3-22-2006 WEDNESDAY

Judge Tentatively Sides With Warner on Coral Casino
"A group behind a lawsuit to thwart Ty Warner's plans to renovate ...
In a tentative ruling, Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Thomas
Anderle sided with the Beanie Babies magnate and hotelier..."

The remaining three of the last five retired Beanies were all removed
from the Tystore windows today.


3-21-2006 TUESDAY

I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to JZ at Tystore Customer Service!

Raine is finally being charged and my order had a glitch. JZ was able
to correct the problem and Raine will soon be on the way! THANKS JZ!!!

On The Cyberboard:


Beanies In The News:

New emergency youth shelter director named

In a photo by Helen Barrett, you can see how "new Northwest Family
Services Emergency Youth Shelter Director. Amber's office is filled
with a large collection of Beanie Babies which he has available for
children placed in temporary custody."

What does Titanium have in common with Beanie Babies?

Titanium Jewelry: Not Just Another Trend

"Much like the Beanie Baby or Pet Rock, Platinum seems to be a metal
that will be here for a while but will not last the test of time"

Lisa at Planet Beans has reported that there are variations in the nose
of Lucky O'Day! According to a reader, Josephine who bought 2 Lucky
O'Day Beanies, "I noticed one had a black nose and the other had a
green one."

Lisa has also reported a new Beanie Site that will also have Video at
[3/25/2006 - Link removed - The R Rated video content is attracting raw
entrees unsuitable for children}

The site author is pictured on the Opening page with Great Big Hugz,
Great Big Kiss and their decending sized counterparts. Contests where a
person can answer by email and win a free beanie are offered, the first
contest already over asked which was the first beanie to be sold out on
the Ty site. Auction listings are shown and News of retirements up to
when Iceberg retired were given as news reports.

There are Polls, a Guestbook, a Quiz, Chat area, a Newsletter and a
Beanie Store. Various Beanie categories are listed with a short history
as well as their "Ebay Value" prices. The site author states that "Now
in the lists below, I am not selling those items for those prices, I am
just listing their value (ebay prices + the web site authors calculated
value). The price for each one is the price it would be if the product
had its hang and tush tag."

The site creators apologize for the static of the video content and
promise that it will get better. That is however not the worst. The
playback is at times not discernable due to the loud music that
overcomes the speech, also the playback seems to echo as the same audio
can be heard behind the audio repeating what was heard. That is not a
problem I am sure that can be fixed. Apologies are due however for the
inappropriate finale skit. at this time has found this new site to have great
potential that is unfortunately rather misdirected. The video contained
a rather disturbing graphically acted out satire of "Broke Back Beanie"
which had inappropriate references, acted out by puppet style beanies
of Poke Beanies with cowboy hats who "went fishing a lot" which was
inappropriate for children and adults alike.

This site still has great potential. A few changes would make it more
suitable for the general public and lessen the need for a warning. The
video ending was crass. Click the following link for the definition of
"shame·less" at


"I just wanted to say on my behalf that I am sorry if the Brokeback
skit offended you. I found it online and thought the public would enjoy
it too. Some did and some didn't. It was a beginners mistake and I hope
you forgive me for it. Your site is great and I one day hope to be
affiliated by it and I would affiliate you likewise. Sorry again.
Daniel Beanie Universe"

Perhaps all is not lost! Hopefully the particular offending skit could
be deleted from the archive. If it is, then the Beanie Universe site
could potentially be a great resource!

Update After 7:

As, an expert in the field of Audio Visual Entertainment having a B.A.
and an M.B.A. in this field and having had several years of Beanie News
experience, I would like to say:

Beanies bouncing around like childs play with adult entertainment
content, beanies and smoke, beanies and fire, beanies in relationships
of some kind, these things and Beanies, don't mix...

The skit clips are too long and their content is meaningless...

The long drawn out skits need to be replaced with some other type of
meaningful content...

Whatever it is, it has to have visual and audio content...

These statements are useless without providing some sort of suggestions
so I'll try...

1. If this is someone else's idea, find an original idea.

2. Think globally and try to stick to content that anyone could find
enjoyable. Don't alienate.

3. Your Format is News or News Magazine. Stay true to your Format.
watch the news and see how they fill up the time.

4. Perhaps you could do live, telephone or pre-recorded or text read
aloud interviews with people associated with Beanies.
For example, interview Dealers, Collectors, Children and other

5. Have a Feature segment to discuss a Beanie Category. All about the
start highlights and current status of a beanie category.

6. Show some beanie Art, Decorated Beanies, Color Me Beanies, Artwork,
Original poems or essays by collectors...

7. Talk about counterfeit beanies, bad dealers and how not to get

8. Talk about Beanie Lingo, this site has a dictionary here that might

9. Talk about the Ty website features like the membership, BBOC, Master
Card, Tyfolio, Chat boards, Search features, categories, past news,
retail locator...

10. Talk about Secondary dealers, Beanie magazines, Beanies in the
news, on tv, in Iraq and Afghanistan, Special Charity Beanies and

OK? If anyone else has any suggestions please send them!

All the Best!


Update (3/23/2006):
It is a shame that you feel the need to keep the R Rated use of Beanies
in so called skits as a part of your content. References to Beanies
using adult content that would normally be restricted on a children's
site is reprehensible and doing so while knowing that it is offensive,
apologizing then keeping the content anyway is shameless.

"This video does have a short "Brokeback" spoof in it. Please don't
view that part if it will offend you. The video was found online and
shows 2 Slowpoke beanies acting as the 2 cowboys from the movie. Sorry
if it offended anyone.) " Exerpt from Beanie Universe.

Keeping the content available in your video archives makes the apology
null and void and meaningless. I removed this before but will reiterate
at this time that references to sausages, behinds and beanies and
graphic presentations using Beanie Babies is poor use of your site and
is not Beanie worthy content. Editing is desperately needed.


3-20-2006 MONDAY


A building blocks toy called Magnetix has caused the death of several
children. The problem is that the very strong magnets which should be
encased in the plastic building blocks get loose, and can be swallowed
by children. The danger does not involve choking. ABC News in a report
today, described how the magnet can get into the small intestine at
different intervals, then attract each other causing the intestine to
form a closed loop. As a result, bacteria from the intestine is forced
into the bloodstream and can result in death. Magnetix is a toy similar
to Legos or Lincoln Logs only the pieces join together magnetically.

We start off in Winter this morning and at 1:26 PM this afternoon,
Spring will begin! It's still cold though. There will likely be some
revisions in the Tystore today where there is still a snow covered
rooftop decorated with clover to celebrate last week's St. Patricks
Day. There are also still 5 retired beanies in the windows as of this

Talk about changes, the Tystore and Retail Banners for Beanies to help
support relief for those who were effected by Hurricane Katrina were
recently removed. Unrelated to this on the news, FEMA is asking
thousands of the recipients of emergency funds to prove that they
deserved to receive them or to begin paying the money back with
interest by the end of a week! Meanwhile, the new Hurricane Season is
due to return shortly in the next few months.

Yes, the Tystore has been redecorated. The Clover leaves have been
replaced with Spring flowers and "Happy St. Patrick's Day" has been
replaced with "Spring is in the air". The snow on the roof has melted
away and the sky is blue with a few clouds. The two WWF Beanies,
Icepack and Shiloh of the five retired Beanies in the windows have been
removed as well.

Beanies in the News:

Beanie Babies headed to Iraq
"Debbie and Ashley Seufert of Corvallis have started collecting small
stuffed Beanie Babies for Sgt. Robert Gardner, Debbie's son and
Ashley's brother."

Attaining success with bear market economics
"The idea for Build-A-Bear grew out of conversation Clark had with a
young girl in the mid-1990s at the height of the Beanie Babies craze."

There is a new Business Directory on Web site at

My Collection Beanie baby Inventory Software for keeping track of and
calculating the value of your Beanie Baby Collection, Hess Trucks, or
any kind of collection

Click on the Links next to your choice to find out more or visit the
site map at:

You can now buy Rich Dad Poor Dad's Cash Flow 101 and 202 E- Games on
the web site!


For more visit website!

Have a great day!


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