IOT Image not providing IP address to Linux USB

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Steven Hirsch

Jul 20, 2021, 6:45:48 PM7/20/21
to BeagleBone
System is:

Linux beaglebone 4.14.108-ti-r119 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Sep 30 02:30:24 UTC 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux Debian Image 2019-10-01

When connecting to USB on a Linux desktop system, the host creates the interfaces for USB0 and USB1 but DHCP times out trying to get IP address from the BB.  Networking functions if I assign it manually.

After logging into the BB, I find that the dhcp server is not running:

● dnsmasq.service                                                                                            loaded failed failed    dnsmasq - A lightweig
ht DHCP and caching DNS server                                                  
 udhcpd.service                                                                                             loaded active exited    LSB: Start busybox ud
hcpd at boot time

This image has not been modified or configured in any manner.  Shouldn't it be providing an address to the host?

Robert Nelson

Jul 21, 2021, 9:56:48 AM7/21/21
to Steven Hirsch, BeagleBone
It looks like your image is using udhcpd, which can only handle one
interface, which is why we switched to dnsmasq.. Considering you have
usb0/usb1, it needs to use dnsmasq.


Robert Nelson

Steven Hirsch

Jul 21, 2021, 10:39:43 AM7/21/21
to BeagleBone
After considerable digging and hair pulling, the issue seems to have been caused by a bug in the dnsmasq scripting.  The /etc/default/bb-boot file was empty, resulting in a corrupted /etc/dnsmasq.d/SoftAp0 file.  As a result dnsmasq was not starting.  Worse, the source for that /etc/default/bb-boot (/opt/scripts/boot/default/bb-boot) was ALSO empty and git indicates that was current (!).  I finally found a post where you apparently fixed the issue.  Problem is that updating the dnsmasq package fixes the script, but does nothing to mitigate the empty configuration file.  Once I got the entire picture, I extracted a proper bb-boot file, copied it in and all is well.   Sorry for the confusing cut and paste, but the systctl output shows that the service failed to start.  I don't know what udhcpd.service is doing in this mix, but I didn't configure it and it shows as exited.  I assumed it was something transient during the boot process (?).
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