Add support of more than 4 CS for SPI interface

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Apr 27, 2021, 11:35:03 PM4/27/21
to BeagleBone

I am trying to interface 6 mcp4921 devices via SPI1. Beaglebone's SPI1 interface has 2 native CS. I want to add 4 more GPIO CS to SPI1. Total 6 CS. 

I added all 6 CS entries to the device tree's cs-gpios as shown below. 2 native CS + 4 GPIO CS.

cs-gpios = <0>,  
                    <&gpio3 19 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>, 
                    <&gpio1 18 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>, 
                    <&gpio1 16 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>, 
                    <&gpio1 17 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;

While testing I observed that only devices connected to the first 4 CS works well. The transaction with the last 2 devices throws a timeout error (timeout error verified from dmesg).

After looking at am33xx.dtsi and spi-omap2-mcspi.c driver file, it seems like the SPI driver support only 4 CS.

How do I extend the SPI driver to support 6 CS?

The output of can be found here:

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