I2S Cape Connections

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May 27, 2020, 11:29:33 AM5/27/20
to BeagleBoard
I have been working on a fairly complex application using the BBAI, utilizing almost every piece of silicon on the Sitara chip, and I was just asked to add audio out to the project.

I believe that I2S would work for us, but I am having difficulty understanding the connectivity between I2S and the McASP bus that is present on the cape pins.  I have read through discussions with the BBB board, and how it has been done, troubles, patches, etc., and there is even an Audio Cape Board.  Not so much discussion on the BBAI however.

Are there any pointers, discussions, help that I can get to for the BBAI to connect I2S from the cape pins?  I see there are a Clock and a Fsync pin, but I don't see the data connection, for starters, so a little confused here.  Plus I have never implemented I2S before, it was always given to me as working.

Just a coder trying to help out the hardware guys here...thanks, any help will do!

Nice job on the board, love it, it works!
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