Looking for testers who have a BeagleBoard-xM to test Minix Frame Buffer Driver Enhancements

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Thomas Cort

Jul 31, 2013, 6:38:29 PM7/31/13
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Greetings Beagle Buddies!

I've been working on enhancements to Minix's frame buffer driver that allow it to detect the supported resolutions of the connected display via EDID (extended display identification data) and automatically configure the frame buffer driver with a resolution that works well with the display and the board. I'm looking for some people to help test my code as I only have 1 physical monitor to test with in addition to the Linaro QEMU simulator. If you'd like to help, please read on.

Note, this only works with the BeagleBoard-xM. The BeagleBone isn't supported by the frame buffer driver yet.

Test Instructions

  1. Connect a display to your BeagleBoard-xM. It should work with most HDMI/DVI displays.
  2. Boot a BeagleBoard-xM with my patches. Steps to obtain, build, and boot my code are provided here: http://minix-i2c.blogspot.ca/2013/06/minix-on-beagleboard-xm.html
  3. Log in as root and run the splash program
    1. # splash
  4. Observe the screen. If it worked, you should see some raccoons ( like this photo ). To stop the splash program, use Ctrl+C.

If it works

Please e-mail me at linu...@gmail.com to let me know. If you can, also include a description of your display (make, model, etc).

If it doesn't work

Please e-mail me at linu...@gmail.com with your display's EDID. Here are the steps to get the EDID:

  1. Read the EDID and store the contents in a file
    1. # dd if=/dev/eepromb3s50 of=/root/eeprom.dat count=1 bs=128
  2. E-mail me the data. You can either send me that file as an attachment (it should be on the 2nd partition of the SD card) or copy and paste the output of `hexdump -C /root/eeprom.dat` into the e-mail body.



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