What is the usb device ?

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Charles Kerr

Dec 11, 2019, 12:34:57 PM12/11/19
to BeagleBoard
I would like to communicte serially from my Mac to the pocketbeagle.  I expected to see a /dev/usbXXXXX something on both my Mac and the pocketbeagle.  I dont see a device on either machine.

Can one have a program communicate serially via the usb on the pocket beagle without using the usb "network" ?  I want to make a daemon that will monitor the uSB serial for input on the pocket beagle, and then communicate back and forth with my Mac.

Any help on what device I should be looking for is appreciated.  

Samuel Park

Aug 7, 2020, 1:15:43 PM8/7/20
to BeagleBoard
I would assume that it would be possible on Mac because I did a similar thing for a project on Windows. I used the SerialPort class in .NET core so open a COM port and I was able to read and write from the Pocket beagle to my computer. This was all without using the DHCP "network" between the devices. Similar to how you connect to it via serial on Putty. 
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