TI PRU Cape demos: tiobj2bin fails

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Dec 5, 2014, 7:50:38 AM12/5/14
to beagl...@googlegroups.com
I am trying to build (in Windows 7)  the PRU_LED0 demo for the TI PRU Cape (for Beaglebone black) using CCSv6 and AM335X_Starterware_02_00_01_01.
The compilation works to give PRU_LED0.out but then when I use the tiob2bin.bat batch file to create the .bin file to load onto an SD card I get  the following message:
Unexpected target: unknown at script/mkhex4bin.pl line 261.
error: -image requires ROMS directive

I have seen some other posts with this error message but none seem to help my issue (e.g. use legacy coff not eabi; use armofd.exe and armhex.exe  etc.). I have tried using both the PRU cape suggested post build step in CCSv6
and also running the commands directly on the .out file.

Any help to proceed past this stumbling block gratefully received.

Peter Gregory

Dec 5, 2014, 2:41:02 PM12/5/14
to beagl...@googlegroups.com
Try running hexpru with the following command options

text: o = 0x0, l = 0x1000, files={text.bin}
data: o = 0x0, l = 0x1000, files={data.bin}


Dec 6, 2014, 7:27:38 AM12/6/14
to beagl...@googlegroups.com
Thanks for your rapid response Peter.
I understand now that trying to make a simple example from the PRU cape demo using only PRU_LED0 is flawed because I then only have a _pru_ program without the infrastructure on the arm8 to run it.
My reason for trying to use just the LED0 example was that when following the PRU cape demo instructions I got the linking error:
fatal error #10183: --abi=eabi is incompatible with file "C:/ti/pru-software-support-package/pru_cape/pru_fw/PRU_Audio/Debug/PRU_Audio_image.obj" (TIABI v0)

(Full listing  below.)
My aim, of course,  was to get a working rebuild so that I could begin developing my own tests.

You may be wondering whether I have actually run the provided PRU cape demo MLO and app.
I haven't because when I bought the beaglebone black I didn't realise I needed an FTDI serial cable AND a right angle header to be able to use the TI PRU cape and run the pru cape demo.
If I could rebuild the demo then I could modify the demo to automatically run one of the apps on bootup e.g. blinking LED0 so that I didn't need the cable for testing :)
Any further help appreciated.

'Building target: PRU_Demo.out'
'Invoking: ARM Linker'
"c:/ti/ccsv6/tools/compiler/arm_5.1.9/bin/armcl" -mv7A8 --code_state=32 --abi=eabi -me -O2 --define=am3359 --display_error_number --diag_warning=225 --diag_wrap=off -z -m"PRU_Demo.map" --heap_size=0x800 --stack_size=0x800 -i"c:/ti/ccsv6/tools/compiler/arm_5.1.9/lib" -i"c:/ti/ccsv6/tools/compiler/arm_5.1.9/include" -i"C:/TI/AM335X_StarterWare_02_00_01_01/binary/armv7a/cgt_ccs/am335x/drivers/Release/" -i"C:/TI/AM335X_StarterWare_02_00_01_01/binary/armv7a/cgt_ccs/utils/Release/" -i"C:/TI/AM335X_StarterWare_02_00_01_01/binary/armv7a/cgt_ccs/am335x/beaglebone/platform/Release/" -i"C:/TI/AM335X_StarterWare_02_00_01_01/binary/armv7a/cgt_ccs/am335x/system_config/Release/" --reread_libs --define=A8_CORE=1 --warn_sections --display_error_number --diag_wrap=off --xml_link_info="PRU_Demo_linkInfo.xml" --rom_model -o "PRU_Demo.out"  "C:/ti/pru-software-support-package/pru_cape/pru_fw/PRU_Audio/Debug/PRU_Audio_image.obj" "C:/ti/pru-software-support-package/pru_cape/pru_fw/PRU_HDQ_TempSensor0/Debug/PRU_HDQ_TempSensor0_image.obj" "C:/ti/pru-software-support-package/pru_cape/pru_fw/PRU_HDQ_TempSensor1/Debug/PRU_HDQ_TempSensor1_image.obj" "C:/ti/pru-software-support-package/pru_cape/pru_fw/PRU_Hardware_UART/Debug/PRU_Hardware_UART_image.obj" "C:/ti/pru-software-support-package/pru_cape/pru_fw/PRU_LED0/Debug/PRU_LED0_image.obj" "C:/ti/pru-software-support-package/pru_cape/pru_fw/PRU_LED1/Debug/PRU_LED1_image.obj" "C:/ti/pru-software-support-package/pru_cape/pru_fw/PRU_Switch/Debug/PRU_Switch_image.obj" "./pru.obj" "./pru_cape_demo.obj" "../pru_cape_demo.cmd" -l"rtsv7A8_A_le_eabi.lib" -l"drivers.lib" -l"utils.lib" -l"system.lib" -l"platform.lib"
fatal error #10183: --abi=eabi is incompatible with file "C:/ti/pru-software-support-package/pru_cape/pru_fw/PRU_Audio/Debug/PRU_Audio_image.obj" (TIABI v0)

>> Compilation failure
gmake: *** [PRU_Demo.out] Error 1
gmake: Target `all' not remade because of errors.

**** Build Finished ****

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