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Feb 23, 2021, 1:55:50 PMFeb 23
to BeagleBoard GSoC
Hello BeagleBoard Community  ,
I am Shreyas Atre , alias - SAtacker (link to github) , an Electronics and Tele Comm. Undergrad from VJTI, Mumbai, India. .  I am willing to participate in GSOC '21.
A little help in getting started over good first issues for pocketbeagle would be helpful as I already have it.
From the ideas page I have looked at "Patching Beaglebone PRU DMA support to the latest kernel versions" , however I would need help as how the Kernel versions will affect it. Forgive me if my doubt is foolish.
Also in "USB configfs in device tree "  I suppose we have to use  libusbg , am I correct? or just like configfs example - link which is more of a cli thing
My Interests :
C++ Applications
DL tools like tflite for resource constrained 
My Projects - 
Currently working on C++ port for PID Tuning Plotter 
Line Following Bot with esp32 and usage of esp-idf tools

Vedant Paranjape

Feb 24, 2021, 10:58:39 AMFeb 24
Hi Shreyas,
You can join our IRC channel, and ask any doubts around.
For better understanding, you can start tinkering with a beagleboard

Vedant Paranjape

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