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Cathy Wicks

May 30, 2020, 11:39:20 AM5/30/20
to Deepak Khatri, Deepankar Maithani, Niklas Wantrupp, vedantpara...@gmail.com, Mark Yoder, Jason Kridner, Drew Fustini, Hunyue Yau, hendersa, Stephen Arnold, Hen Rik, Robert Manzke, Michael Welling, saketh.ra...@gmail.com, pratim...@gmail.com, indu...@gmail.com, Abhishek Kumar, beaglebo...@googlegroups.com, Cathy Wicks

Hello BeagleBoard.org® GSoC 2020 students and mentors,

Better late than never, welcome! 

Thank you for your participation. This really is an amazing program that can open many doors for everyone involved. We are honored to be selected again as a mentoring organization.

First let us congratulate all 4 students that made it into the selections. Our mentors are looking forward to working with you.

Deepak Khatri will be working on Cape Compatibility Layer 

Vedant Paranjape will be working on REPL Interpreter for PRU

Niklas Wantrupp will be working on Media IP Streaming

Deepankar Maithani will be working on GPIO Based Parallel Bi-Directional Bus

Mentors, thank you again for your participation this year, BeagleBoard.org would not be able to participate in GSoC without you!

Students, there is a lot to read in this email - Let us know any questions. You have actions to complete as soon as possible.

We have a couple of changes this year in meetings and readiness actions:

0. Intro

Over the duration of GSoC we will send out organizational emails like this one, so make 100% sure you are subscribed to the beagleboard-gsoc Google Group and check your inbox for GSoC-related messages from time

to time please.


1. IRC

All students and mentors are asked and encouraged to hang out and be available in the #beagle-gsoc IRC channel on Freenode as often as you can. Jason Kridner, our co-founder, personally shoots for "office hours"

each day on the IRC from about 10AM to 5PM Eastern.  

We suggest each project set some kind of daily "office hours" in addition to the mandatory 2 weekly meetings.

Besides being able to contact your mentor directly, you will also have all the other students and mentors available to maybe help you out quickly.

We really want to see you there, do not wander off and work in isolation because we cannot run after you. Also you will be able to see what issues and solutions other students are having and might benefit from that too.  https://beagleboard.org/gsocchat

2. Two Weekly IRC Meetings this year Per Team

There will be a weekly IRC meeting with mandatory attendance for all students and mentors every Wednesday at 1630 UTC

(for other time zones please do the math http://www.timebie.com/ https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/).

A second weekly IRC meeting has been scheduled for each team:


Weekly Tech Meeting

Cape Compatibility Layer

(Tue)13:30 IST / 1:00 PDT / 4:00 EDT / 10:00 CEST

REPL Interpreter for PRU

(Mon) 21:30 IST / 9:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 18:00 CEST

Media IP Streaming

(Thu) 17:30 CEST / 8:30 PDT / 11:30 EDT / 21:00 IST

Parallel Bi-Directional Bus

(Thu) 20:00 IST / 7:30 PDT / 11:30 EDT / 16:30 CEST

We do understand if you cannot attend the meetings for matters not under your control, but please try to be there if you can and inform us if you cannot attend.


3. Shipping of hardware

We want students to have needed hardware as soon as possible during coding.  Please stay on top of us and your mentors every couple of days if you don’t have shipments. Duties may need to be paid, it cannot be avoided for you to

take on that responsibility when you receive your board, unfortunately. We will try to make it up to you later in the session somehow.

Please ensure your mentors have aligned with Jason on any additional hardware needed for the project. We need to know what to ship and where!

4. GSoC timeline

We are now nearing the end of the "Community Bonding" period, which means you should make sure that you have all the information needed so that you can start working on your project starting June 1st. 

Make sure you have all the needed development environment set up and working. If you have the appropriate BeagleBone for your project already, make sure it's all up and running. Please check yourself that you are getting your hardware and if it's late, please tell us immediately! if anything is not clear, reach out to your mentor or to me so that we can resolve all issues quickly.

Mentors, if you haven’t already, please meet as a mentor team on the IRC together for each project.  It is helpful to review the milestones for the project as a mentor team for the project and work out how each mentor would like to participate and if there are any minor tweeks needed.  Each project needs a primary mentor.  One role of the primary mentor is gather inputs from all mentors on the project to write the first evaluation.

5.  Introductory project for students to do during the last days of the bonding period

Jason says he'd like some technical exercises done by the students as a "warm-up" .  This week please:

  • Create a git repo by forking https://github.com/beagleboard/linux

  • Build the kernel (this is a time consuming exercise). 

  • Build a stand-alone kernel module (see https://cm.e-ale.org/2018/modules-kbuild/ as an example) that does something trivial and unique to you. 

  • Add the module into the kernel to be built with the whole kernel. 

  • Submit a pull request. {We'll reject it, but it is a powerful enabling little exercise.} Inside the kernel, you have access to all sorts of amazing functions that will help you this summer.

6. Introductory videos

It is tradition for students to record both introductory and

completion videos (slides plus audio) to YouTube or Vimeo regarding

their projects. Expectation is for introductory videos to be completed

before the first week of coding ends and completion videos before the final


Example from one of previous year's students (Vaisnav):


7. Required Daily Commits and Weekly Updates

Make sure you are interacting daily with your mentors, and making daily commits to your projects.  

Also, set up a weekly report and send to the community of your progress. .All weekly reports will be sent to the mailing list (as that is our primary support venue outside of live chat) on a single thread (to avoid e-mail thrash).  

They must include the following sections:

  • Accomplishments

  • Resolutions to blockers

  • On-going blockers

  • Plans for the next week

They must be sent on Mondays to allow for mentors to respond ahead of Wednesdays IRC meeting where all blockers will be discussed live.

See examples in previous years: https://elinux.org/BeagleBoard/GSoC/2019_Projects

Thanks for reading this really long email - future ones will be shorter!

Best Regards,

Your friendly BeagleBoard.org admins,

Jason, Cathy, Drew and Mark

Jason Kridner

May 30, 2020, 12:41:52 PM5/30/20
to beaglebo...@googlegroups.com, Deepak Khatri, Deepankar Maithani, Niklas Wantrupp, vedantpara...@gmail.com, Mark Yoder, Drew Fustini, Hunyue Yau, hendersa, Stephen Arnold, Hen Rik, Robert Manzke, Michael Welling, saketh.ra...@gmail.com, pratim...@gmail.com, indu...@gmail.com, Abhishek Kumar, Cathy Wicks
The time for PRU parallel Bi-Dir Bus is 10:30 EDT. From https://beagleboard.org/gsocmeet:

MeetingUS PacificUS EasternCentral Europe
Summer Time
PRU infrastructureMon 9:00 AMMon 12:00 PMMon 18:00Mon 21:30
Cape compatibilityTue 1:00 AMTue 4:00 AMTue 10:00Tue 13:30
Admin update (everyone)Wed 9:30 AMWed 12:30 PMWed 18:30Wed 22:00
PRU bi-dir busThu 7:30 AMThu 10:30 AMThu 16:30Thu 20:00
Media IP streamingThu 8:30 AMThu 11:30 AMThu 17:30Thu 21:00

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