Help with Power/PowerSpectrum in a Vocoder app

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Keith Edwards

Apr 12, 2024, 7:30:24 PMApr 12
to beadsproject
Hi all,

Hoping for some help/guidance here.

I'm trying to use Beads to create a simple Vocoder app:  apply a set of bandpass filters to a modulator signal, collect the power at each of those frequencies, and then apply that power to a set of gains connected to an identical series of bandpass filters applied to a carrier signal.

I'm using an analysis chain of ShortFrameSegmenter -> Power to get the energy at each of the modulator bandpass filters... but I'm kinda stuck on how to use this to set the corresponding Gain on the carrier.  Power seems to be expressed in terms of dB (I'm guessing), whereas Gain is a value from 0.0 to 1.0.  Is there a way to get a "normalized" or scaled Power value such that I can use it to set the gain (which would require knowing the top-end value for power)?

(I noticed in the Resynthesis_01 example in Evan's tutorial, the raw power value from a PowerSpectrum is used to set the Gain directly, so maybe I'm not understanding the units that come out of the Power feature extractor...)

Thank you for any help.

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