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Robert Hinrix

Oct 12, 2010, 2:18:45 PM10/12/10
to Beacon Hill Merchants
Hi everyone! Here's a bit of new information: Our next meeting
will be on Friday November 5th, at 10am and will likely be at Inay's
(where Ernie gives us great snacks!). At this meeting we'll have
our board trainer Angela Powell, doing some of her preliminary work
for the board training on Saturday Dec. 4th. We're continuing to
work on the graphic design of our brochure and beginning to look at
the website development issue as well. This work must be completed
by the end of the year to be included in our grant. At our last
meeting we agreed that it made sense for anyone interested in serving
on the board to submit bios as well as explanations of what positions
or in what capacity they would be willing to serve (not all board
members must be "officers"--the chair, vice-chair, treasurer and
secretary). If we could get the board to seven or nine people that
would be best, but five is really our minimum. It appears we have
that but we're very interested in expanding as much as possible.

Here's my bio, and perhaps a template for others.

Robert Hinrix

I am 48 years old and have lived and worked on Beacon Hill for 16
years. I am a cabinetmaker (Tea Party Productions) working out of my
shop attached to my home. I'm currently a board member of the North
Beacon Hill Community Council and of Las Lianas, a legal and technical
support center for Amazonian Indians ( I have been
involved in community affairs for about twelve years, starting with
serving on the Project Advisory Team for Jefferson Park (1999-2001)
and then moving to advocating for the Beacon Hill Town Center with the
Lander Festival Street (2004-2009). The Beacon Hill Merchants
Association is a natural outgrowth of this work. We have to strike a
delicate and careful balance between accepting and directing the
natural growth that will happen in our business district, and
preserving and protecting the many small and unusual businesses that
are currently located here. The Merchants Association is the best
forum for doing that, and can be a means to many other cultural and
economic activities: a market, mobile food vendors, a beat walk,
sponsorship of neighborhood events, etc. I'm willing to serve as
Chair or Vice-Chair, with a preference for the latter. Either way,
we must continue to develop new leadership and to spread the
responsibilities so that no one person is in charge. My goal is to
create a strong advocacy organization that will not be dependent on
any one person to function effectively.

Jessie McKenna

Oct 18, 2010, 8:18:16 PM10/18/10
Hey guys, here's my official submission to volunteer for the Beacon Hill Merchants board: 

Bio for Jessie McKenna - Interested in and willing to serve as:


Board Secretary


I am a 28yr old business owner on Beacon Hill, and have been living/working in this neighborhood for nearly five years. I co-founded, own and operate ROCKiT space, a nonprofit community center for all ages with a focus on creative arts located at 3315 Beacon Ave S. . Our mission is to make art and music (and the tools and supplies to make art and music) available to people of all ages and walks of life.


I’ve been very active in the Beacon Hill community for over a year now, and consider myself extremely vested in the area and in the improvement of the business environment. I do not have any specific experience with secretarial duties, but, I type fast, I take my computer everywhere, take good notes, and am pretty savvy about web-based communications. I researched the duties of the secretary of a board such as ours, and think I can more than handle the position.


I agree wholeheartedly with Robert Hinrix that we must find a balance between “accepting and directing” the growth of our community, and specifically our business district and environment. I am passionate about finding  and maintaining that balance, alongside my fellow businesses on the Hill. I currently advocate for the growth of our neighborhood and our businesses through the arts and with community involvement. I am one of five steering committee members of Beacon Hill Music, the community group who put on the Beacon Rocks! music series this past summer.


I am ambitious, motivated, adore Beacon Hill and all of my neighbors, and have a lot at stake in the future of this area from both an economic and a community involvement standpoint as the owner/operator of Beacon Hill’s only public, nonprofit community creative space, struggling through our first years of development, but hoping to be here for a long time to come! 


Jessie McKenna
Director, ROCKiT Space NPO

3315 Beacon Ave S
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