BHM Minutes (notes) - Meeting 11/5/10

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Jessie McKenna

Nov 5, 2010, 8:59:15 PM11/5/10
to Beacon Hill Merchants
Beacon Hill Merchants Association – Meeting Notes 11/5/10 [Inay’s]

To be posted to Google Group

Robert Hinrix – Tea Party (Productions?) 323-1792
Ali Zuberi – Opening an Edward Jones Investments office (currently
works for E.J.)
Angela Powell – Consultant (hired for board training)
Dean (?) – Red Apple (Manager)
Craig Lorch – Resident, homeowner on BeHi (Tasha’s building)
Steve Louie – Dept of Neighborhoods
Ernesto’s sister – Inay’s (sorry, didn’t catch her name)
Jessie McKenna - ROCKiT space
Angela Castaneda – Story Garden (nonprofit
Sterling Roszel - Verity

-Robert gave a brief overview of topics discussed at the last meeting

-Angela P. introduced herself, why she is here and what she is able to
help us do to train our board. Discussed leadership training (vs.
“board development”), said that she considers what we are doing to be
community leadership. Discussed how we can work together, our
respective job descriptions, communication among members of the
Board. Discussed the structure of our board, wants to hammer out
details such as whether we will we have committees. Discussed using
our resources and finding resources we don’t have, for instance, what
sorts of skills to we have when we look around the table, a lawyer? An
accountant? Etc.

-Dean discussed his experience with boards. The owner of the Red Apple
is the Director of their board which includes other Red Apples and
Thrifways in the state. He was nominated for our board but doesn’t
want to be a board member, however, he has been through the growing
pains of the Red Apple board and may be able to offer that experience
in the process of developing our board.

-Discussed having an address for Beacon Hill Merchants. Should we use
the Beacon Mail?

-Angela P. discussed how much work it will be to do the leadership
training and get all the details worked out and that there will be
lose ends even after the Dec. 4th “board training” retreat. Discussed
an annual retreat being a good idea to make sure we are working well
together and we can re-evaluate and make decisions about how to
proceed in the coming year with the experience of the last year under
our belts. Make sure that we have clear expectations of one another
and are not making assumptions about each other and what we are all
meant to be doing. Taking the time to have discussions, to take a step
back and look at ourselves and each other.

-Discussed how many meetings we will have as a board in person and via
email. Having a one year (more) strategic plan and/or agenda. Agendas
for the meetings, a way to track our progress and stay on task.
Creating the structure of our work, how we will plan our planning.

-Discussed making sure we are doing enough outreach to our community
and business owners, asking our members and listening to what they
want and need so we are responding. Betty Jean feels that the NBHC
began to fall apart when it became meeting after meeting without doing
this and it seemed that it was a lot of talk and not enough action,
lacking in inspiration perhaps?

-Discussed possibly having an officer of the board who handles
memberships (we discussed

-In the bylaws it was included: A membership committee- Robert has
that language.
-Re we responsive, transparent, are we meeting the needs of a
potential membership?

Q: What are expectations for the development day (Angela Powell’s
1. Agenda creation-who does that? Angela Powell
2. Attendance numbers?
3. Location? Library meeting room, 2100 building (Treehouse), Garden
Foundation-TO DO: Betty Jean will call Mitch //Saturday December 4th
4. Timeframe 9-4pm: light breakfast fare, lunch provided
5. Robert TO DO: call Karen to find out if we can use grant money to
pay for food
6. Angela Prep meetings, agenda creation, facilitation and materials,
notes and follow up meetings/calls

Logo, Website, Cards (printing) 2850
Meetings and training 3300.
Fiscal Sponsorship 3% to Beacon Hill Community Council
Extra 200 (FOOD)

-Motion by Betty Jean to designate Robert as the signor on the
contract, seconded Ali, All in favor

IDEAS for structure of the day:
What we need is story front businesses to identify board members
Steve: how do we approach people who are sitting on the fence to
encourage them to participate in the board training? If you are
comfortable with people making decisions …

Craig: Could be that the structure of meeting: first 15 min
meetngreet: this is a time for people who are interested, encourage
them to participate in the rest of the day…

Are you willing to serve on the board>
Jessie willing to be secretary
Craig yes – do you want someone with storefront
Dean YES 100%
Angela C.– YES I’m willing to serve as an officer

Sterling – Note-taker had to leave at this point! Robert Hinrix took

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