Meeting Notes - Baja Bistro 10/1/10

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Jessie McKenna

Oct 1, 2010, 2:52:09 PM10/1/10
to Beacon Hill Merchants
Beacon Hill Merchants Association – Meeting notes 10/1/10 [Baja

To be posted to Google Group

-Reviewed mission and goals of organization (BHM) and by-laws

-Discussed enacting the by-laws before electing the board vs. vice

-Discussed boundaries of operation, no overlap with MLK, Rainier
Valley etc. and no gaps discussed as a good idea, calls need to be
made to find out where the boundaries are so we can adjust accordingly
if need be

-Discussed option of adding a provision to the by-laws of an email/
conference call vote in cases of time sensitive issues wherein
immediate action is needed

-Discussed leaving some aspects of the by-laws somewhat vague as many
aspects of our organization are presently unknown/unforeseen so as not
to find ourselves in a situation where we are not following our own
rules. Better to keep them vague protects the board from legal issues.
We can tighten them over time as we gain experience. The flipside is
that we may find ourselves in situations where lack of clarity could
cause issues as well.

**-Discussed due structure, need to revisit, possibly A, B and C, $25,
$50 and $100? Adding a maximum makes sense as well to be fair to
larger companies – Are we going with this??

-Discussed adding “agent” to membership application as well as
changing the dues aspect for now, even if only to say that this will
be decided by the board

-Affiliate, a business (or member) with no voting rights the first
year, basically until dues are paid, you can be involved in
discussions etc., but no voting power

-Discussed board training, Robert explained the purpose of this and
the need

-Discussed Google Group outreach, letting people know that it exists
and they can join, put BAN and Blog etc. on the Google Group so they
get emails and updates on our group

-Discussed those willing to consider or are confirmed volunteers for
the board and can/will attend the board training on December 4th:

Craig Lorch – Need to confirm
Katrina ? – “ “
Robert Hinrix – Confirmed
Jessie McKenna – Confirmed
Sterling ? – Confirmed
Angela – Confirmed

-Discussed potential board members posting bios and position
interested in/willing to serve, to Google Groups by Oct. 22nd and
votes, nominations etc. need to be voiced by November 5th (next
meeting) – Voted In Favor of (all in favor)

-Provision/Addendum added to by-laws regarding communication of urgent
matters requiring immediate action. This change was added to by-laws
(all in favor)

M. A. Castañeda

Oct 2, 2010, 12:06:34 PM10/2/10
to, Robert Hinrix
Thank you Jessie -Nice job getting these captured and sent out!

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Betty Jean

Oct 4, 2010, 8:19:11 PM10/4/10
to Beacon Hill Merchants
Thanks for all the info in the post, I have a few questions:

Were the Bylaws enacted?

When will elections for Board Members be? I understand folks can still
volunteer for a position on the board, and submit their bio for
consideration by Oct 22. Is the vote to be taken on 10/5? is that the
next meeting?

I understand there is a trainer to help the Board organize and a date
has been set for a week end day of training. When is that again?

-Betty Jean

"M. A. Castañeda"

Oct 25, 2010, 2:02:18 PM10/25/10

M. Angela Castañeda is a grant writer, project and program manager, teaching artist and advocate for education reform. Angela holds a Masters in Public Administration from Seattle University with a concentration in nonprofit management and a special focus toward civic and family engagement. She has more than two decades of non-profit organizational, board and fundraising experience. During her stint as PTA co-president (2007-2009) and subsequently, as founder/director of a local educational non-profit, Angela has raised over $200,000 through corporate sponsorship, grants and matching funds to support programs that benefit the Beacon Hill International School community.

 Angela has been involved in the arts her entire life as a writer, performer, graphic artist, and media producer (web, video and music production), managed artists and crew, and helped produce events. She has served as a panel facilitator for a regional Nonprofit Leadership Conference, a nominator for funding organizations such as the Rockefeller Foundation and Seattle’s Arts and Cultural Affairs Department.

 “I live, work and sing on this hill. It just makes sense for me to participate in this effort to bring Beacon Hill businesses together to support community and growth.”

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