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Recapitalize EU Banks for New Green Jobs and Loans to small companies w/ 2 trillion Euros, Nokia MeeGo and RIM : where are the EU leaders ?

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Jun 25, 2011, 1:47:59 PM6/25/11
Dear EU Parliament :

The best to you and your team in the difficult Frontex issue ,
balancing the Rule of Law and EU Security, and while the EU has still
at least 22 million unemployed workers that have been working and
paying taxes already in the EU for the most part, altogether 40
million EU workers cannot get full time employment , we all trust
urgent solutions from all of you regarding re-training , part-time and
light manufacturing and new Green Clean Energy Jobs are ahead.

a ) Another issue related to this is the lack of a unified message
from the 27 EU leaders in support of EU products, in other words :
BUY EUROPEAN ! , buy European products, use European services, help
European companies, etc., etc., and explain to the sometimes un-
experienced Youth as well as to the very wealthy that for Europa to
succeed, all Europeans must support the EU with their own pockets :

One example among many is mobile phones , where the World biggest
phone maker, the European Nokia , is losing market share and the EU
consumers seem not very interested in buying their new products , and
now that Nokia is out with an amazing new smart phone, the N9 running
MeeGo-Linux , this could be a great opportunity for Europa to achieve
two goals : support Nokia and lift a European company , as well as
launch a homegrown mobile applications Industry , just like Americans
support Apple and Google and Canadians support RIM, etc., so why not
ask the 27 EU Leaders to make sure there is support for development of
apps for this new EU platform, NokiaN9 on MeeGo ?

( disclaimer : I have no interests in Nokia or any related products
or services )

And specially ask the Board of Directors and top executives of the
main EU telcos, Deutsche Tel,France Tel, Italy Tel, Telefonica,
Vodafone, etc., etc., to give a chance to their own kids in the EU,
not just Microsoft and Qualcomm and that have a near monopoly deal
with Nokia right now, so why not make sure they support the European
young apps developers ? since they make billions of Euros in profits
every year from EU customers, why not ask them to help their own EU
communities ?

And like this , many other products need support form their own
people, so why not a European campaign to remind Europa that if they
don't support their own, we will all end up bankrupt ?
Take RIM, a great Canadian company now down to 15 billion in market
cap, logically many EU companies as a team should go and buy it, but
if large EU Telcos cannot even help their own Nokia, how they will
support and defend RIM and its 70 million customers and multiple vital
patents ? shame !

b ) A failure in Europa would create chaos also in the USA and World
Markets, which is something the "shorters and speculators" are also
aiming for: with chaos and markets collapse, stocks go way down and
extremely cheap, workers lose jobs and investors move to other
markets, so speculators can buy stocks and key companies very cheap
( Airbus, Nokia, Banks, Energy , Foods, Retail,Transportation, etc. )
and move these investors to their own markets, like the " Riyadh-
TelAviv Club " area and others, a huge profit for them while
millions of workers lose their jobs and thousands of companies crash,
criminal but a reality !

Please read this story about Derivatives, Swaps, incompetence ,fear
mongering , greed and the lack of clarity on them :
Derivatives Cloud the Possible Fallout From a Greek Default
by Louise Story, June,22,2011

And one question is : why are the EU Regulators, Politicians,Bankers
and Executives not deciding as a united group to recapitalize the EU
Banks and EU Financial Institutions , under very tight conditions , to
the tune of 2 trillion Euros ( 2.000 billion Euros ) and to create new
Jobs and new Loans for small and medium companies ? HOW CAN THEY STILL
NOT AGREE ON THIS BASIC FIRST STEP ? and this re-capitalization cannot
go for bankers , lawyers and advisers fees and commissions, they must
create new Jobs and new companies exclusively ! HOW CAN THEY STILL NOT
BE UNITED EVEN ON THIS ? Banks will take these loans , and under very
strict supervision , will make a ton of money with them, they know how
to make money and we know that by now , so what are they waiting
for ?

The economy - GDP of the EU is 12.2 trillion Euros in 2010, in taxes
and fees alone the EU collects 1.5 trillion Euros a year , so how can
a 2 trillion Euro long term recapitalization plan be an issue ?

The mistake made in the USA with their 3.5 trillion dollar Bail-Out
(2008-2011) was that most of the money went to Banks regular income
and businesses instead of going STRICTLY TO CREATE NEW GREEN CLEAN
precision job and succeed.

It seems like some of the "advisers" to the top EU leaders are working
for the same organized group of neocon shorters trying to crash the
Euro and the EU, and how is that possible ?

Time to clean-up all the neocons out of Brussels and Strasbourg, all
of them !

And time to fire-up a clean green Energy plan in the EU and to create
millions of new Jobs in Solar, Wind-Wave, shallow Geothermal, Hybrid-
Electric Plug-In cars and trucks, Fuel-cells and non-edible bio-fuels
( camelina-algae-seaweeds), etc.

c ) Another question is : since the 2008 Financial Disaster was mostly
based on Credit Rating Agencies endorsing " junk mortgages bundles and
its derivatives,credit default swaps and CDO's,double insurances and
shorts , etc." with a AAA Rating to make them investment grade, why
not a full investigation of these Rating Agencies ? How can these
same Credit Rating Agencies have now the EU and the USA and other
World Markets against the wall and in total panic ? How can these
incompetent and corrupt Credit Rating Agencies still be in business?

These Rating Agencies were being paid by A.I.G, Lehman Brothers ,Bear
Stearns,Citi, Merrill Lynch and all the other Institutions selling
these junk mortgages , shorts and derivatives ,so why not a full list
of all payments , salaries , stock options and fees ? and clearly in
collusion ?

The partners of some of these Credit Rating Agencies and some Hedge-
Funds are the big Oil Companies, that with corrupt politicians are
fabricating constant conflicts against Venezuela, Iran,Russia and even
Libya ( they are against NATO involvement ) so that no Oil flows from
them , and so with much less supply keep their own oil prices up, a
fraud !

Dear Parliament , it would be great if the whole EU network would
remember all of Europe how important it is right now to support
European products and companies and " Buy European ! " , thank you .

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