M.....flu / the S......flu and the defןnition of flu הגדרה של שפעת

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harold jitschak bueno de mesquita

May 12, 2009, 3:23:14 PM5/12/09
to ggc
There is so much to do....................therefore I write you sometimes about things which-as it seems -have nothing to do straight away with your own interests................but this is not really so!
I have not written a word about the M.....flu/ the S......flu [or whatever its name will be in the future if it does not disappear in a museum], for I have nothing to write about it.............but there is a major question:
Was any of the Israeli patients who were hospitalized for this flu checked for vitamin D??
I would love to know,not just out of curiosity, but because I would not be amazed if this was not done and finding out could bring some more rapid awareness about this issue with doctors.[Again: do any of you have  time and the "courage" to search this out? Are there no journalists in the whole mailing group?}
Israel ordered probably flu-drugs for huge sums  which would be hardly of any use anyway, but still a major part of the population walks around with a total deficiency in vitamin D.
What is flu, according to all medical dictionaries , until now or just a couple of years ago?
Answer: a viral disease
What is flu , according to the new dictionaries of the future?
Answer: a vitamin D deficiency [and possibly other deficiencies]
Medicine has still along way to go.................


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