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The BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium is a national one-day conference for women and non-binary students of computing and related disciplines. The aim of the event is to bring women students and non-binary students from around the UK together for networking, talks, and career development advice from successful women in computing. We have speakers from both industry and academia, and a poster contest for the students to show off and talk about their own work.

The event is generously supported by sponsors so we are able to keep the event free for all who want to attend, and we can normally also pay the transport for all women who get into the poster contest (about 100 most years).

2023 was in Sheffield, hosted by the University of Sheffield, and 2024 will be in Liverpool, hosted by the University of Liverpool.

This group is for announcements only: if you sign up to this Google Group by email, we promise we will only send you messages about the colloquium and there will not be more than five each year.

Safia Barikzai and Hannah Dee
BCSWomen Lovelace Chair and deputy chair