My first few hours with the Z30

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Jan 18, 2014, 6:42:47 AM1/18/14
Hi all,
OK, so after some time trying to open up the back cover I finally managed how to insert the SIM.
It was a bit tricky, at least to me how to open it up.
But once you got the hang of it its ver yeasy.
I then booted up the phone and enabled the screen reader by tripple pressing the power key.
It's using the Vocalizer voices so its very good.
The first time you enable the screen reader you are asked if you want to do this. There is a cancel and an OK button and a checkbox wich you can check so you don't get reminded each time you do this.
Later on you will just get a message telling you that you can just press the power key three times to exit out of the screen reader.
You are then at the setup screen where you can select your prefered language.
But now, to the problem.
There seems to be some issues with my mobile connection and this phone and it keep telling me that my APN settings cannot be verified and I do not have a wifi network either so I am currently stuck.
There is a setup button but the screen reader doesn't read anything after I tap on that.
Also, if I would have a wifi network, I cannot access that screen either because it tels you to swipe to the left to get to that screen.
So, I am currently trying to find a solution to this problem.
Havent got any further!
The screen reader also seems to be a bit unresponsive on this setup screen because some times you have to swipe around with your finger in order for it to speak.
I got a message from Rim accessibility team and they said that one may need sighted assistance on the setup screen.
I am still waiting for a reply if they are going to fix this because this is not good if you can only use the phone after it has been setup.

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