Bazel 6.0.0 release candidate 1 is available for testing

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Yun Peng

Oct 25, 2022, 7:13:03 AM10/25/22
to bazel-discuss, bazel-dev
Hi all,

Bazel 6.0.0rc1 is now available for those that want to try it out. 

You can download it from:

Please report regressions to as soon as possible.

The release notes are still being edited.


Xudong Yang

Oct 25, 2022, 7:27:16 AM10/25/22
to Yun Peng, bazel-discuss, bazel-dev
For any cherry-pick requests, please send PRs to the release-6.0.0 branch.

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Kshyanashree Mohapatra

Nov 17, 2022, 6:01:55 PM11/17/22
to,, Keerthana Kumar, Kishore Namala, Sunil Gowroji
Bazel 6.0.0rc2 is now available for those that want to try it out.

You can download it from:

Please report regressions to as soon as possible.

The release notes for version 6.0.0 are:

# Release 6.0.0rc2 (2022-11-17)

Baseline: d60ce2c7c86393638c77698c00c2168a7a936a53

Cherry picks:

   + 4e66d9340037f0be83d7bc0fdd809a09344ab83f:
     Automated rollback of commit
   + 48a8d01b05149757f69a6a65a22a280bf003cd24:
     Allow C/C++ coverage collection for external targets
   + ec7be346adc00c4bde22d116fca80ef59da66121:
     Temporarily set parent directory of the input to writable if it is not.
   + b0984342eef068640a57aab584dd4c118f0dd394:
     Infer CPUs for tvOS and watchOS when on Apple Silicon
   + 5cea7dda5b632703cf4e0424ba09cd7c5bd6fc06:
     Improve the documentation for ctx.actions.symlink.
   + a82d26f17a99b5417b2212a0ce3a1bbc0285e5c4:
     Add quotes to "Tip"
   + 75b0f3aa95bc34f6620ea74e47d4822bd985efdd:
     Write a repo mapping manifest in the runfiles directory (#16555)
   + 07c5c1aa6d0b63605ae793dce78d26122af64a84:
     Ensure repository names don't start with `~`
   + 30f6c8238f39c4a396b3cb56a98c1a2e79d10bb9:
     Escape tilde more gracefully
   + cf3f48ca49f089615417636763d753811acf717f:
     Relax `Label` repo visibility validation
   + 4477823e2c2bc3d0335c41f971364dda72a3f69a:
     Use "apparent name" instead of "local name" in Bzlmod docs
   + 55f4f4834ef30321a00dab5b58202dd1e9716fd9:
     Bazel DevSite: Add required css file.
   + a706994ac69e3f3fed361c61378de847b50d3b12:
     Remove logic that increases delay between progress updates over time
   + 1d514ab05896f34ec91c2145f4dffafd3364030f:
     Remove references to io_bazel repository
   + b0357bd3831b26b5116dc120807e8264acf139db:
     Relnotes python script
   + 8f956511bb115c39ac683a1e78971fcf9dce5deb:
     Allow Java coverage collection for external targets
   + bddb191d3f99402330c67b89375409c31ee22daa:
     Fix race condition in
   + a75785279f543f4e33c697dd9e8873a6504b7818:
     Decanonicalize labels emitted by {a,c,}query if possible
   + 9d250edb63f27f9f4591bb5a71059710cc6dca9e:
     Add uniquify parameter to TemplateDict.add_joined
   + f02bcf8d8b0d00ecdd06ea0a45ba4f52e436597c:
     Fix identical gcov json file name problem
   + a1593309f66f892871e334013815b05350b4188f:
     Add `$(rlocationpath(s) ...)` expansion
   + 56f54daf9ff3b1177eee31e342e8d6b959d5ac34:
     Rollup of SBOM correctness fixes (#16655)
   + 72e6e948d30dec9dec60d78efef4eeda5b764a8f:
     [cc] Add cc toolchain to starlark cc_proto_library (#16661)
   + 8f28513893969b6346d965cab12aac69cb246ced:
     Make C++ runfiles library repo mapping aware
   + 95f9adc5ac544b1161d69a7ca74432479fdc29b3:
     Always collect FileProvider's filesToBuild as data runfiles
   + 4959d34e844714b793b2c6fa05016a9a6eaa7044:
     fix: export constraints.bzl file from @local_config_platform so
     it can be used in downstream bzl_library targets
   + 4919d4a61d8506d175b25a035500842b8bfe3d0d:
     Add --host_per_file_copt (#16695)
   + 0a23d46976c3fc999d44fbd1e37732ec2442d485:
     Moving some tests for `RemoteActionFileSystem` of BwoB to a base class.
   + 9296068be5e3808eb03a3b61f3af3a2c88f7ab7d:
     [remote/downloader] Don't include headers in `FetchBlobRequest`
   + 128d833fee99f8a43bc4de82cbec752e4ce6fb47:
     [remote] Respect whether the server supports action cache updates
   + 38c501912fc4efc14abc0741d19f5f8e8763afcb:
     [remote/downloader] Migrate `Downloader` to take `Credentials` (#16732)
   + 5929cb72aa01768e6352898b1a056ef678c81d90:
     Stage repository mapping manifest as a root symlink (#16733)
   + 455454a56e961affb041a1d4a9214f7f313a05aa:
     Expose current repository name to Java with @AutoBazelRepository
   + 97dea593e568f776361397f7280d6a16eee2efeb:
     Implement getDirectoryEntries and readdir for
   + aa45f5f3301c5005294df084cdf99c45d6f95d53:
     Move integration tests for BwoB to a base class and add more tests there.
   + 1b073ac0a719a09c9b2d1a52680517ab22dc971e:
     Make Java runfiles library repo mapping aware
   + 148bbb1c025a628643698f65627333d86975c1d7:
     Use `_repo_mapping` in C++ runfiles library (#16752)
   + 25558ada3fb377cfc2c965d3a93250ca28ce0fc1:
     Add --experimental_action_cache_store_output_metadata to the expansio…
   + 6e945e8ab422ca0a195d09899cce61ba6c0cfa59:
     Treat `DEBUG` events as progress-like.
   + 1940c5d68136ce2079efa8ff74d4e5fdf63ee3e6:
     redact 'token' strings from logging
   + 0b645254b41edc738c6641fd192fca86203ff2e2:
     Make Bash runfiles library repo mapping aware (#16753)
   + 4caae75b49e815ad2cf1d805f316bc374f03f2ae:
     Automated rollback of commit
   + 13ff6d9e37999e00fda9a6cef278c7c924924f34:
     Fix Bash rlocation failure with stricter Bash options
   + bd88c7e47b911e5fa1f8a3c26d0f8317943c43ce:
     Make bazel Android remote deps compatible with bzlmod (#16772)
   + 0caf488a7492740425af88b32c622fdc33bc1593:
     Flip `--incompatible_always_include_files_in_data` (#16781)

Incompatible changes:

  - Bazel no longer increases the delay between progress updates when
    there is no cursor control.
  - `--incompatible_always_include_files_in_data` is flipped to true. 
  See for details.

Important changes:

  - The new path variable `$(rlocationpath ...)` and its plural form
    `$(rlocationpaths ...)` can be used to expand labels to the paths
    accepted by the `Rlocation` function of runfiles libraries. This
    is the preferred way to access data dependencies at runtime and
    works on all platforms, even when runfiles are not enabled (e.g.,
    on Windows by default).

    Work towards #16124

    Fixes #10923

    Closes #16428.

  - Starlark `print()` statements are now emitted iff the line of code is executed. 
    They are no longer replayed on subsequent invocations unless the Starlark 
    code is re-executed. Additionally, multiple identical `print()` statements (same
    string from the same line of code, e.g. from a loop) are all emitted and no longer deduplicated.

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as Fabian Meumertzheim, Krzysztof Naglik, UebelAndre, Xùdōng Yáng, Yannic, kshyanashree.
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