Bazel 5.3.0 release candidate 1 is available for testing

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Kshyanashree Mohapatra

Jul 29, 2022, 6:23:40 PM7/29/22
to,, Geeta Chavan, Kishore Namala, Chenchu Sai Krishna Kolli, Sunil Gowroji

Bazel 5.3.0rc1 is now available for those that want to try it out.

 You can download it from:


 Please report regressions to as soon as possible.


 The release notes for version 5.3.0 are:


 # Release 5.3.0rc1 (2022-07-29)


 Baseline: 8d66a4171baddcbe1569972f019e54130111202c


 Cherry picks:


     Fix fail message construction in cc_shared_library


   + 2d42925ae80c0fb007aa39f4e210122611897255:

      Define cc-compiler-darwin in Xcode toolchain


   + a1d7d1f69f82da1bdfa1cebd32356249127aea3b:

      Fix alwayslink in objc_import


   + d273cb62f43ef8169415cf60fc96e503ea2ad823:

      Unify URL/URLs parameter code across http_archive, http_file, http_jar


   + fea32be42928c84463aa1f335b5722a1f6b8c93a:

Preserve --experimental_allow_unresolved_symlinks in exec cfg


   + e4bc370b226eb0cc536b55641640266345a214ec:

Ck/cherry pick cc shared library (#15754)


   + dbdfa07e92f99497be9c14265611ad2920161483:

      Let Starlark executable rules specify their environment (#15766)


   + e2a6a2b130552db7521d3d4d854b9a651b1f4a3b:

      Fix string formatting when java_home path is missing.


   + d54a288e6c79c740b9c93dfc31ee345d6a5332af:

Optionally enable LLVM profile continuous mode


   + ad17b44cdc192277fafb0d0e204962b2b924dba8:

      Print remote execution message when the action times out (#15772)


   + 240e3d1e1dbc74c7753dead6421d7c1b5fc28d09:

      Add missing line to cherry-pick

e4bc370b226eb0cc536b55641640266345a214ec (#15784)


   + 804b4747152a59bc2965be2db85839b8b2764fc7:

   Replace strdupa with strdup


   + 62be9ea29295fab5289bd5d1a0f13dc7d55a8bc0:

      Bzlmod: Better canonical repo names for modules with overrides (#15793)


   + d4663a1c950d618c5b15a3e00fb733987cbf45cc:

      Add repo env test (#15768)


   + 594962cb283dcd71b736e0450453903911a8c85a:

      Add is_root struct field to bazel_module (#15815)


   + 3dd2b932d42fe86112899550d21452409cb3c4b0:

      Fix null pointer crash with `bazel coverage` on only incompatible tests


   + 4175018b47800db28c390d39fefbd266b5d674bd:

     Add util for finding credential helper to use


   + 3ea9eb2e363860c9305a987fa22a059afd35598d:

      Merge ManifestMergerAction-related commits into release-5.3.0 (#15824)


   + 64571a428ffe2bf09f1a5eea13e770a7d0381620:

Ck/cherrypick 15669 (#15788)


   + 1404651cafe5c26c5dae469e9126de53c2f4f024:

      Create output directories for remote execution (#15818)


   + ae523f82d39daf01cf31e40733de0c6345f0935c:

      Use tree artifacts in bootclasspath rule

  + 37f181cb6ed0237f43d81159eb81b19d3b5f8e36:

     [credentialhelper] Add types to communicate with the subprocess


   + 06ca634e10f17023022ab591a55aabdd9fb57b12:

      Add a flag to force Bazel to download certain artifacts when

using --remote_download_minimal (#15870)


   + d35f923b098e4dc9c90b1ab66b413c216bdee638:

RemoteExecutionService: fix outputs not being uploaded


   + 78af34f9f25b0c8fbf597a794a5162f0014629c5:

Cherry-pick proto_lang_toolchain Starlarkfication and

      proto_common module (#15854)


   + afb434da9da79b53da1ea4c7bcc00571dbea6d3f:

 Fix behavior of `print()` in module extensions


   + 6714c30507edc70ec84f8c97d47cffc497356c0b:

     [credentialhelper] Implement invoking credential helper as subprocess


   + 0f05904171d187e6abacb431b3d7494423b027ab:

      Add register_{execution_platforms,toolchains} directives to

MODULE.bazel files (#15852)


   + 33516e27dc6ee6ab5c3b9dee739a267b08d26b6c:

[remote] Improve .netrc test in RemoteModuleTest


   + aa2a1f3afe2f10baab5befcafb39df14cbffc743:

Fix ZipDecompressor windows 0x80 (file attribute normal)


   + 30f16e53cb36a5d506665be7553e785d52772e2d:

      Replace uses of `cfg = "host"` with `cfg = "exec"` (#15922)


   + 2a8d0ad7103511a94382aef41821a315bf8144b7:

      target pattern file: allow comments


   + 6f732052654ec37192450c795bb28dd0aad559cd:

      Add factory for creating paths relative to well-known roots (#15931)


   + 63bc14b095f1ea4043024e7fe1f9c476968897c5:

 Implement native analysis_test call. (#15940)


   + 4df77f771e5cfdf4b614afd8934d00c2b2ff31d1:

      Increase osx_cc_configure timeouts


   + cdf01a39ab9def4d46f41595ac1ac9206a96d6f8:

Allow string_list flags to be set via repeated flag uses


   + 05e758d4bc18fc9d9e189526381a06e4399056a2:

      [credentialhelper] Add parser for flag syntax (#15929)


   + e4ee34416ef18094496ab54446e70cb62cd509e6:

      Docs should mention the new no-remote-cache-upload tag (#15965)


   + 96d23d30cc80912b82a8fbab31c902e9db74b6ab:

     Add netrc support to --bes_backend (#15970)


   + c5bc34e5f1dd92703dd8f15f9f0409c49b778837:

      Add CommandLinePathFactory to CommandEnvironment (#15971)


   + 508f18576ab5327bd623db6b476511ac2089d0fa:

      Move newCredentialHelperProvider into GoogleAuthUtils (#15973)


   + 14c944a5386eccbcfbe8389afb6c518582b11270:

Wire up credential helper to command-line flag(s) (#15976)


   + 04c373b708390341be4ceb8eb5b2f8561385cb11:

      Add `--output=files` mode to cquery (#15979)


   + edfe2a17e3434cce660757f59b14f2e9d6ab944e:

      Make cpp assembly file extensions case sensitive again


   + 4ae85387e69db73e507b4f18b36d3e2f799e5d34:

Prevent aspects from executing on incompatible targets (#15984)


   + f440f8ec3f63e5d663e1f9d9614f05a39422102a:

     Remote: Fix performance regression in "upload missing inputs". (#15998)



Important changes:


- alias() can now select() directly on constraint_value()


 - Fixes



Closes #14310.


  - Fixed an issue where Bazel could erroneously report a test passes

    in coverage mode without actually running the test.

  -  Make protocOpts() publicly accessible.

  - Add coverage configuration fragment, used to expose

    output_generator label.

  - Bazel now no longer includes system headers on macOS in coverage

    reports (#14969).


Closes #14971.

  - Starlark test rules can use the new inherited_environment

parameter of testing.TestEnvironment to specify environment


    whose values should be inherited from the shell environment.


Closes #14849.

  - none


  - Enable merging permissions during Android manifest merging with

    the --merge_android_manifest_permissions flag.

  - Added new register_{execution_platforms,toolchains} directives to

    the MODULE.bazel file, to replace the

{execution_platforms,toolchains}_to_register attributes on the

 module() directive.

  - Add support for fetching RPC credentials from credential helper.


    Progress on


    Closes #15947.

  - `cquery`'s new output mode


    lists the output files of the targets matching the query. It

    takes the current value of `--output_groups` into account.


    Closes #15552.


This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as Andreas Fuchs, Benjamin Peterson, Brentley Jones, Chenchu Kolli, Dan Fleming, Danny Wolf, Emil Kattainen, Fabian Meumertzheim, Gowroji Sunil, Juh-Roch, Keith Smiley, Niyas Sait, Noa Resare, Oliver Eikemeier, Peter Mounce, Philipp Schrader, Thi Doãn, Xùdōng Yáng, Yannic, Zhongpeng Lin, amber dixon, hvadehra, kshyanashree, oquenchil.

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