IME issue and a proposal

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El Topo

Feb 15, 2020, 6:24:17 PM2/15/20
to Bayden
SlickRun seems to have issue with IME.

IME (Input Method Editor, see is commonly used by Chinese/Japanese/Korean users. IME has 2 modes: English (system language) mode / IME language mode. When the user is in the IME (non-English) mode, anything typed in IME window gets doubled in SlickRun window (for example, when user types 'abc in IME', SlickRun gets 'abcabc').

Since I have all magic words in ASCII/English letters, I propose that SlickRun offers an option to totally disable IME, i.e., if "totally disable IME" is enabled, when the user switches to SlickRun window, the IME would be disabled (and appear as in English mode), by simply calling ImmDisableIME(-1).



Apr 7, 2020, 11:33:00 AM4/7/20
to Bayden
Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the note. This is an interesting issue-- I assume it would be better to just make SlickRun not have this problem with the IME, right? Otherwise, even if your MagicWords are in English, you wouldn't be able to send non-English characters into them as parameters and so forth?

If you'd like to try a build with your proposed fix, let me know (e_lawrence@hotmail  .com) and I'll whip one up right away.
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