Discrete Sequence Analysis

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Jan 31, 2012, 7:55:35 PM1/31/12
to baudline
First of all, congratulations and my thanks for bestowing Baudline
upon mere mortals such as myself.

I am using a 'soft' DSP processor model. It can read/write (from/to)
files with discrete sequences.

I would like to use Baudline for two purposes.
1) Visualize the PSD of soft DSP output sequence(s) (by reading a
conveniently formatted file).

2) Generate discrete sequences (stimulus) for the soft DSP (DUT) using
the tone generator.
First viewing them as a waveform in Baudline, then saving in a
suitable file format (perhaps as 16 bit signed .wav).

I have tried to carefully read the Baudline manual and examples;
Still, undoubtedly due to my
own shortcomings, I am unable to understand how to fully accomplish
this with Baudline.

So far...
1) I have successfully read in a raw ASCII decimal file with 4
channels (soft DSP output)
with exactly 1024 samples / channel. I have selected a transform
length of 1024 but, I am unclear about the usage/interaction of the
waveform cursor to specify the (sub)set of samples
of interest and the selection of transform length for a given discrete

Does the input scroll control/overlap have any effect in this

I can easily generate a sequence whose length is exactly 2^^N.

If I'm not mistaken, the PSD (spectrum), without windowing, for a
particular sequence
is unique (if I select the transform length equal to the sequence

Can I specify these things at the command line so that the spectrum
display is fully defined
without using any gui widgets?

2) I have setup Baudline using Input Devices as tone generator with
the loopback (box selected)
sample rate 32768, decimate None, +0dB;

Input mapping choice of tone gen, operation none, transform fourier,
space magnitude.

The tone gen is set to 1024 Hz, modulation off, output device off [no
actual device], left+right channel.

The play deck has F1 selected. When I enter record mode (Big Red
Circle), nothing seems to be captured into the waveform or spectrum

With these settings, should I get a discrete sequence with 32
samples / period (32768 samples/S / 1024Hz) captured into the waveform
buffer F1?

I am running Fedora 14 (Kernel, alsa audio.

I'm grateful for your assistance to understand and use Baudline.
Thank you!
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