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Jul 12, 2011, 7:53:08 AM7/12/11
to baudline
Hi all, im trying to use baudline under ubuntu (64b) 11.04. 3gig ram

no matter what flags i give related to memory i get the same limited
to 25-30 secs opened file:

file too big for 100% overlap case, truncating s=67106816
error, load_padding = -7141376 < 0, ss=2048 pl=29280 ws=67106816

this is the line im using:

LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib32/" /home/alejo/Desktop/tx_rx/
baudline_1.08_linux_x86/baudline -fftsize 4096 ../.wine/drive_c/

then go to scroll control but no matter what i only get 59secs.

what am i doing wrong, how can i open a longer file for analysis?

thanks in advance for any tip.

below a prev email that helps as reference on the same topic

On Jun 13 2008, 9:26 pm, "Sig Blip" <> wrote:
> Yes, this sort of large file loading is a current limitation.
> As a work-around try doubling the FFT transform size which will double
> the maximum file load size.  Doubling the FFT size will double the max
> file size all the way up to 2 Gsamples (12 hours at a 48000 sample
> rate) if you have enough memory.
> Note that you can use the "Hz scaling" feature to zoom out and reduce
> the visual size of the Spectrogram, Spectrum, and Average windows when
> the FFT's are wider than your screen.  That way the visual width of a
> 8192 point FFT can be the same as a 2048 point FFT.
> On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 2:39 AM,  <> wrote:
> > hello,
> > i'm trying to load some large files into baudline
> > (16-bit/stereo/48000hz/1 hour long), but i can't seem to load in the
> > entire length. i've set the max capture time as high as i can get it
> > (23m18s), but that stops increasing when the buffer size exceeds
> > 224MB. (overlap at 100%)
> > file too big for 100% overlap case, truncating s=67106816
> > error, load_padding = -6281216 < 0, ss=2048 pl=29700 ws=67106816
> > max capture time
> > This is the maximum amount of time in hours, minutes, seconds
> > (HH:MM:SS) that the circular wrap around buffer can hold, without
> > wrapping and rewriting the data first recorded.  Many things affect
> > this value: the overlap percentage, the amount of buffer space, the
> > number of channels, the color bit depth of the graphics plane, ...
> > what can i do to load the entire files in? i've got 1280MB of system
> > memory and 64MB of video card memory.


Jul 12, 2011, 2:46:02 PM7/12/11
to baudline
What sample rate is your data? It must be fairly high for only 59
seconds of it to fit.

Try using a larger FFT size which will make the 100% overlap case

On Jul 12, 4:53 am, "" <>
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