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    Welcome to the mailing list for the MPA Club at the Baruch College School of Public Affairs!

    Get involved with the MPA Club and expand your network!

    The club leaders have placed a strong emphasis on partnership this year and have been working hard to develop activities that put you in contact not just with each other, but with people you might not otherwise meet during your time here at the School of Public Affairs.  In previous years, our event partners included the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), New York Cares, Baruch’s Sustainable Business Club, the Zicklin Marketing and Media Association, Baruch’s Executives On Campus, and the John Jay MPA Student Association.  We plan to continue these partnerships this semester and will reach out to others.  You can help us with that effort by finding clubs or organizations of interest to you, attending an event or a meeting, letting them know that you’re an MPA student at Baruch’s School of Public Affairs (represent!), and letting us know if you think there’s an opportunity for collaboration.  Need ideas?  Check your Facebook events regularly to see who we’re cross-promoting, and browse the MPA Club Facebook  page to see what your fellow students are talking about.  That page is yours.  Use it!

   We also offer opportunities for leadership if you’re ready, and guidance if you’re not quite there.  Plan your own event; lead an initiative; develop a new club committee; run for Club office… if you have an idea, we’d love to hear it!  And in case anybody was not sure, YES we will vouch for you if you want to put it on your resume!

   If you have any questions, or if you’re not sure where to start, always feel free to get in touch with me, your MPA Club President, at


   See you soon,

 Nikita Hardy
 MPA Club at Baruch,