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Lorraine Gehring

May 13, 2021, 1:25:37 PMMay 13
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Curia Notes for May 12, 2021

-We organized the storage locker.

Archer Marshal:
-1st archery practice Sunday, weather permitting.

-She has a big heraldry meeting Sunday, otherwise she might consider taking her laptop to the range and doing heraldry consults there.

-He will start putting medieval dad jokes in The Clarion until we get a new Chronicler.
-We have two candidates on the call and will discuss that later.

Knight's Marshal:
-Seneschal asked if he was OK holding practice this next Wednesday. Knight's Marshal said yes. Planning on doing it near the shelter near the main office of Antioch Park.
-He may bring a pack of individually bottled water for the first practice, in case people forget, but that's a lot of plastic to keep doing.

A&S Minister:
-Can she get with the current Baronial A&S champion and work to schedule something? (There was an initial suggestion of doing it the 1st week of June, but also comments that that may be too soon to allow people to prepare their entries.)
-Do we want to try to have classes outside? We kind of discussed it before, but without a resolution. Do some virtual, some in-person? Maybe one of each per month? Maybe keeping an A&S class in our back pocket in case of a rainout? Virtual post-revel practice (learning common Calontiri songs)?

First Practice Discussion:

-Should we set up 2 or 3 fighting lanes? Make separate designated areas to help enforce social distancing?
-Perhaps have marshals paying attention to each person's first fight to help with calibration and pointing out any issues, though we don't have to do reauthorizations.
-We need to get the loaner armor out of the storage unit.
-1st week in June, we may have visitors from Ansteorra.
-6-ft rule will make consultations difficult. The herald may just have a list to sign up for virtual consultations.
-The herald brought up the Roll of Arms as an area divider, but she doesn't get off work until later. Mellitus offered to come and pick it up.
-The weather makes next week look unlikely, but having a plan will still be good.
-If anyone has extra hand sanitizer, maybe bring that. (Was there any in the storage unit?)
-If anyone does need to pick up anything (hand sanitizer, water, etc) make sure you get receipts for reimbursement. (The officers have only a small budget, so if it goes over that there will need to be a meeting with the finance committee.)

Chronicler Position:
-We have two volunteers on the call: Jorhildr and Aidan.
-They will have a meeting with the current Chronicler to work out who wants to do it first, and who wants to be deputy, holding the office next.
-Aidan said that she has computer issues at the moment, so she is willing to step aside and be deputy since she would have some technical difficulties fulfilling the role until she can get her computer fixed.

Virtual Feast:
-1st Sunday in June is the target the cooks settled on, but we still need to work out some things with the money before we post anything official.

Wear Your Garb:
Her Excellency would like to encourage people to show up in garb to our first practice back.

Ayisha bint Asad

May 13, 2021, 2:03:12 PMMay 13
If anyone would like an opportunity to help out, taking notes at Curia for later distribution to the populace doesn't take much time. Curia is once a month, currently on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, and in the past has lasted from 30min to 2 hours, depending on how much there is to discuss.

I've been doing it for over a year now, and I'm happy to allow someone else the opportunity to contribute in that way, especially as Curia moves back in person and will be overlapping with fighter practice.

It's not an official position or anything, so if you're interested in performing that service for a time, just comment here. (I've posted the same to facebook. If more than one person is interested, we can work something out.)


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