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Lorraine Gehring

Oct 14, 2021, 6:30:02 PM10/14/21
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October 13, 2021 Curia Notes                    


Announcement: In two weeks the Armory will erect a fence around some construction. It will have concertina wire on top. It will not affect fighter practice and classes.


Officers’ Reports


Exchequer: We’ve started to spend some money. We had $19,600 and change to begin. We had a few outstanding checks, and now have $18,700-ish in the account. Our storage unit renewal will need to be paid soon.


Marshal: Fighters are fighting in the new site.

Archery: Last Sunday was the last official practice until April 2022. Folks can still practice on their own.


Web Minister: Email invites to classes finally fixed. Calendar shows all Kingdom and Baronial events.


Chatelaine: Six new people contacted her by email. She’s shared new flyers in various places.


Arts and Sciences: Bunch of classes scheduled (Calontir Culture and Peerage 10-20, Open Hoods 10-27, Intro to Heraldry 11-3, Block Printing 11-17 and BFS History 12-1). Other classes to come, including Intro to Documentation in January before Queen’s Prize.


At Kris Kinder there will be two A&S competitions, a general one and one for the BFS A&S Championship. Both have the theme Make Something for Your Persona. Both exclude items entered in other competitions, including the Calontir Clothing Challenge.


Herald: Letter of Acceptance and Rejection (LOAR) has not arrived yet this month. Three people are in the pipeline. Nine people in progress from the Virtual Heralds Point in August. Her quarterly report is in.


Their Excellencies: They are going to Coeur d’Ennui for Their Cousins’ investiture. Still collecting some Baronial stuff from Soren and Rowan. Also trying to track down 50 missing mats. Whoever took them home in March 2020, please let us know.


Aston Tor: Meets the second and fourth Thursdays each month at the Top Hat Winery in Independence. Meetings start at 7 pm. October 14 class on physics of arches (trying to get RUSH credit for it). Tor is planning to do the KK inn. Barony will add Tor’s stuff to baronial announcements.


Kris Kinder: KK is well in hand, and they are hoping for a good turnout. Facebook page is active. The website also is active. So far 26 merchants, filling 44 of 63 available spots. With Maren’s help, PayPal invoicing should be up and running by Monday. Ysabel plans to pay the church this month. The hotel list is being revised and is on the website.


Yolanda plans to set up gate at the merchant entrance from 6:30 am to 8:30 am, then move to the main door. Volunteers are needed to sit gate. Mathurin has maps for the merchants.


There’s a nice, large room near the cafeteria for a commons area and plenty of meeting rooms and privy space (TRM and TRH will need rooms for meetings). Mellitus is scheduling meetings. Ysabel might contact some of the other nearby churches for additional parking space. There’s 196 non-handicap spaces and several handicap spots. There’s nearby street parking as well. Reach out to Ysabel if you have any questions.


Coronation Bid for January 2023: Bid needs to be in by January 2022. We must put in the bid or find another group that wants to host the event. Suggestion was made that we could use the new KK site for Coronation. It has a good kitchen we can use and round tables and chairs for feast. It should seat 100 for feast. Sanctuary has pews not tight seats. Mellitus and Aed volunteered to put together a possible bid. Kagatora and Janos volunteered to be feast stewards for the bid.













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