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Samuel Rose

Feb 26, 2008, 2:41:07 PM2/26/08
to,, Peer-To-Peer Research List
Maybe some of you are familiar with the project?

Here are a few hands-on projects we are tackling now, that we could really use some help on:

  • We are trying to systematize digital designs into revision control (using subversion) We're in search of useful open source software that can represent 3D designs (like the compressed earth block machine and are looking at the pros and cons of any and all A goal is to create a way to program an XYZ table, and electronic controls for basically all machines. If you have knowledge in this area, we would love to talk to you
  • If you have house/building designs that you would like to release under an Open Hardware License, or copyleft, that would be an invaluable contribution, and companion to the compressed earth block machine.
  • If you have immediate desired uses for CEB building materials, I am working in parallel on *open* business models that are based around the machines, the knowledge about how to use them, and the products that they output. We are creating a business process network, that offers certification, and can pull together qualified people to earn a living from this technology, and also help fund the development
  • We are at this stage in need of micro-funding. Each product needs small microfunding, which we are hoping to collect in at least small bits, to move them through the development cycle phases, and to optimize the development to make the final product as low cost as possible. Marcin can make many of these products now, but the price can be brought down with an extremely small amount of money per product: graphic on that page shows projected amounts we would need to raise per cycle to optimize, which are very small. We hope that we can collect micro-donations from people to meet these bounties, which are only figured as needed parts/labor costs. Once some of these parts are designed and released as open source designs, we will not need funding for them at all in future development (like circuit boards, electric motor controls, etc) 

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